9/2/99: Eye 9/2/99



Unbeknownst to most Torontonians, Moxy Früvous have legions of American fans who follow their every move, helping to compensate for hometown indifference. They're going to need those fans to see them through projects like Thornhill, their sixth album and first for True North. Some people hate this band because they're cute, others for their novelty songs and still others just find them inherently annoying. The real problem is that, despite their musical talent and work ethic, Früvous' recordings are extremely dull, and they don't appear to be getting better with age. Their new material can't even inspire love/hate reactions, with the exception of "Downsizing," where the blandness is grating. Like its namesake town, Thornhill is almost offensive in its inoffensiveness -- which, on second thought, will probably make it a big hit. (Moxy Früvous play Beachfest at Kew Gardens Monday.)

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