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Thornhill Review

Betsy Powell

From Saturday's Toronto Star under a three column picture with a caption

MOXY FRVOUS: Pop melodies are consistent, but the mood scatters from giddy exuberance to mournful and melancholic on Toronto quartet's new THORNHILL album.

"MOXY FRUVOUS THORNHILL(True North)- Berlin, Manhattan, Asbury Park -even-Bobcaygen- have all received musical homages so why not Thornhill?

The suburban paradise(!) is given its due here on the Toronto-based quartet's seventh disc, which is also the ex-street buskers' first full album of pure, radio-friendly pop filled with shining four-part harmonies.

While the pop melodies are consistent, the mood scatters from giddy exuberance (opening track "Half As Much") to mournful (the piano-driven ballad "Sad Girl,) the acoustic, folk/rock "Independence Day" and melocholic ("Downsizing"), a moving elegy about job loss that Michael Moore might want to consider for his next documentary.

Moxy Fruvous, now recording for True North after parting with Warner, has worked hard to shed the novelty act tag.

There's only one track that could be interpreted that way- the infectious "Splatter, Splatter." an album stand-out, as it turns out.

THORNHILL, is a decent effort from a crew which, despite hometown indifference, keeps plugging away to the delight of Fruhead followers everywhere."

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