Fruvous on DNTO

Definitely NOT the Opera!

Recently, the Frü-four were asked to make a mixed-tape for their fans of songs they felt had influenced them personally and as a group. Each member had a chance to play a couple of songs each and the band selected two Früvous tunes at the end. The show was aired on several radio stations throughout Canada. Here's what they picked:

Come On Eileen-Dexy's Midnight Runners

Cross-Eyed and Painless-The Talking Heads
Wild As the Wind-David Bowie

Early Morning Rain-Gordon Lightfoot
Blind Willie McTell-Bob Dylan

America-Simon & Gaurfunkel
God's Comic-Elvis Costello

Moxy Früvous
Jockey Full of Bourbon-Tom Waits
If I Fell-The Beatles

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