1997 EMCA Bio


Bio of Moxy Fruvous

Murray Foster, Dave Matheson, Jian Ghomeshi, Mike Ford

Moxy Früvous is comprised of four singer/songwriters who play a variety of instruments and whose music runs the gamut from poignant love songs to theatrical ditties to political and social satire.

Hailing from Toronto, Mike Ford, Murray Foster, Jian Ghomeshi and Dave Matheson, have been entertaining across Canada and the United States since their first release Bargainville in 1993. In 1995 they released Wood, their critically acclaimed second album. Their diversity is proven on this intimate and personal album which is highlighted by fluent instrumental performances and their trademark four part vocals, all wrapped in a cohesive, warm, acoustic production. In 1996 they released the B Album, a collection of the humorous, satirical and downright weird side of Moxy Früvous. Their latest album, You Will Go To The Moon, was released in 1997. It showcases their diversity as highly skilled songwriters, with everything from "gangsta-banjo-hip-hop" to songs with a Middle Eastern flavour. Moxy Früvous brings together seemingly incongruous instruments to create new and wondrous sounds, always complemented by their trademark soaring vocal harmonies.

Visit their website at http://www.warnermusic.ca/moxy/index.html

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