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Moxy Fruvous

Michael Ford (guitar, percussion, vocals)
Murray Foster (bass, guitar, vocals)
Jean Ghomeshi (drums, percussion, vocals)
David Matheson (guitar, accordion, vocals)

This quasi-a capella group began as buskers at Toronto's Harbourfront in 1990. In 1992 they released an independent cassette of six songs, featuring King Of Spain, which became their first video.

Signed to Warner Music, Moxy Fruvous debut album Bargainville was released early in 1993. They followed up with the less successful "Wood", plus a low-key collection of B-sides titled (what else?) "B". Their fourth album, "You Will Go To The Moon", was released in the U.S. on Bottom Line Records, a spin-off venture from the famous New York folk club. It featured a cover of The Bee Gees hit, "Gotta Get A Message To You".

Moxy Fruvous went on to release two more albums in the latter part of the 1990's, Wood and You Will Go To The Moon.


King Of Spain 1993
My Baby Loves A Bunch Of Authors 1993
Stuck In The 90s 1993
Fell In Love 1994
Down From Above 1995

ALBUMS Bargainville 1993
Wood 1995
B (B-Sides) 1996
You Will Go To The Moon 1997

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