A Fruvous Tale

A Früvous Tale

NOTE: This was written by the band right around the time Bargainville was coming out in Canada.

The Beginning (or, the "Genesis"....no relation)

It starts four summers ago when four long-time chums decide to try some harmonies and guerilla theatrics as buskers on the streets of Toronto.
United by countless inside jokes and a collective disdain for the contemporary pop music status quo, the boys want nothing more than some fresh air, some pocket change, and an international recording contract...

The Indoor Infiltration

Encouraged by friendly curbside fans and emerging regular spots on CBC radio and television (doing musical political satire), the Früvous boys perform their first indoor gig with microphones in August, 1992
Thereafter, the Moxy Früvous audiences and club dates grow at an astonishing rate and exactly one year later the gang find themselves opening for one of their childhood heroes (Dylan Thomas) for two nights at Massey Hall. Still the boys play for little more than the joy of singing their songs , cash for a hearty breakfast, and an international recording contract.

The Little Independent Cassette

In February, 1992, the Früvous squad record a cheap six-song cassette for their friends and family, hoping to somehow capture their live performing antics on tape. Soon, they began selling off the stages and independently distributing their cassette to anyone that will take it. Much to the boys surprise, the tape ends up occupying the #1 position on the national independent sales chart for months, and sells 40,000 copies by February '93.
At the same time, the boys perform sold out shows, clubs and eventually theatres from coast to coast in Canada. Also, they shoot an independent video, appear in various television specials, and win a CASBY award for favorite new group. And they sign a management deal with agent star Jack Ross. Amid the excitement, the boys maintain that they want nothing more than to spread their music to the people, make their rent payment deadlines, and....an international recording contract.

The Big Deal

In March 1993, the Früvous boys sign a 5-album international recording contract with Warner Canada, with releases by Atlantic Records in the U.S. and Warner U.K.
Suddenly, the boys long-standing hidden agenda becomes glaringly apparent to the music industry, the press and members of the general population who care. To everyone's chagrin, the boys continue to whine nostalgically about the romance of street theatre. As controversy looms, Früvous publicly contends that the group will not collapse at the hands of their newly exposed hypocrisy, and if it does....that's cool.

....and now to the happy ending which is really just the beginning! Bargainville [and now Wood are] a big success and Moxy Früvous will become big stars, with all the frills of money and fame, and may never talk to us little people no more. The end...or just the beginning!

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