Moxy Fruvous Lexicon

Früvous Lexicon

The following is a list of vocabulary words used by Moxy Früvous in their songs.

Aerial (BJ Don't Cry) (n.) in it's noun form it can mean two things: 1) an antenna 2) the spirited Shakespearean character from The Tempest

Armaggedon (The Drinking Song) (n.) from the Bible, the place where the last, decisive battle between the forces of good and evil is to be fought before the Day of Judgement.

Bard (BJ Don't Cry) (n.) a minstrel or epic poet; a moniker for Shakespeare, as in the Bard of Avon.

Bargainville (Video Bargainville) (n.) Dream rates, values slashed, binge binge binge. Stuff dredged up from the harbour at noon is on the shelves by four. Items priced so low they're practically worthless.

bijou (Darlington Darlin') (n.) 1. a jewel. 2. something small and exquisite; trinket.

blitzkrieg (The Greatest Man in America) (n.) sudden, swift, large-scale offensive warfare intended to win a quick victory.

Buchanan, Pat (Stuck in the 90's) (n.) This guy shouldn't have his name mentioned anywhere, but since he's suddenly become an icon for jackasses, I thought I'd tell you a little about him. Patrick Buchanan (alias son of Stalin) is a sexist, rascist populist who failed in his bid for the US Republican Party's nomination for President. He believes women should stay home to raise the kids, that Mexicans and immigrants are the plague of American society and that the holocaust never happened. I'm not making this up. Let's just hope that Moxy's simile hasn't catapulted his mainstream status accidentally. I doubt it, but you never know how many Timothy McVeighs are listening to Canadian music these days.

crokinole (King of Spain) (n.) an action table game played on a round or octagonal wooden board by two to four people. The object of the game is to get as many of your team's playing pieces (wooden discs) to a small recess at the center of the board, while at the same time knocking your opponent's discs off the playing area. The earliest known crokinole board is Canadian (yep). For more information, see the Crokinole Board web site by Glenn Kuntz.

dioxic (The Kids Song) (n.) any of various by-products resulting from the manufacture of certain herbicides and incesticides.

Dippers (River Valley) (n.) a member of the new democratic party. Liberals.

entropy (Entropy) (n.) 1. a thermodynamic measure of the amount of energy unavailable for useful work in a system undergoing change. 2. a measure of the degree of disorder in a substance or a system; entropy always increases and available energy diminishes in a closed system, as the universe.

früvous (n) 1. Magical monk-based pastry loaf. 2. High stakes Mesopotamian boards game. 3. Sound produced when yogurt dollops are dropped in searing liquid. (adj) 1. Unflappable (after legendary crusader Marion ~) 2. Multi-legged and aural.

gregarial (BJ Don't Cry) (adj.) This one may have tripped some people up. The word "gregarious" in the context of the song, would be interpreted to mean sociable, or fond of the company of others. But to rhyme it with "actuarial"....ya get it?

Grits (River Valley) (n. pl.) 1. In Canada, a liberal, or member of the liberal party. 2. In the US, particularly the south, wheat and corn ground together into a bland pouridge-like meal.

ingénue (Spiderman) (n.) 1) an innocent, inexperienced, unworldly young woman 2) in theatre (a) the role of such a character, (b) an actress playing such a role.

Kincaid, Reuben (I Love My Boss) (n. pl.) from TV's The Partridge Family. Kincaid was the band's manager. While I'm on the subject, Larry Tate was Darrin's boss on Bewitched. Ben Cartwright, Gunsmoke.

lackey (Stuck in the 90's) (n.) a male servant of low rank, usually in some sort of livery or uniform.

Laika (Laika) (n.) Experimental Russian dog sent into space and left there for eight months until it ran out of food and died.

Limbaugh, Rush (The Greatest Man in America) (?.) Witty, insightful television and radio talk show host known for coining such phrases as "Rush is right" (pun intended). His charm, intellect and jolly disposition are a joy to listen to as he dissertates on a wide variety of political topics, of which he has absolutely no idea about.

McCarthy, Joe (The Greatest Man in America) (n) Great guy! US Senator (1946-57). discriminated against his opponents using sensationalism and making unfounded accusations during the Cold War. He portrayed his enemies as subversives and communists.

megalo (The Greatest Man in America) (adj./n.) large; of giant size

Morphée (n.) dieu des Songes.

Mount Pinatubo (Down from Above) (n.) referring to the 1991(?) eruption of the Phillipine volcano. The blast was so powerful, it was blamed for cooling the earth's average temperature 2 degrees Fahrenheit, for approximately two years.

Moxy (n.) 1. the famous flying criminal budgie dog depicted on the Bargainville album. 2. The intensely annoying cartoon starring Bobcat Goldthwait (sp) as the voice of a silly rip-off of Larry Boniface Clebdon.

Moxy Früvous (The King of Spain) According to Jean, "The name really comes from a transplanted Torontonian; his name was Robertson... uh... Früvous; I think they just called him 'Rob', I don't know. Robertson Früvous who, I guess it was in the early 60's, was known as quite a swinger on the Toronto scene, quite a man about town, who ended up leaving Toronto and settling in Hamilton, actually, working for an airline magazine; I can never remember that part."

ouzo (My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors) (n.) a colorless, Greek cordial flavored with aniseed.

pacifist (The Gulf War Song) (n.) someone opposed to force under any circumstances; one who refuses for reasons of conscience to participate in war or any military action.

peacenik (The Gulf War Song) (n.) a person actively opposing, especially demonstrating against, war, or a war; usually a hostile term.

poutine (Canada, We Love You) (n.) French fries, covered with melted white chedder cheese, and topped with gravy. A Quebecker favorite.

radicchio (Johnny Saucepan) (n.) a type of bitter ruffage used in salads

rhesus (Organ Grinder) (n.) 1. a brownish-yellow macaque of India similar in size to Marcel. 2. a delicious blend of peanut butter and chocolate.

Salmon Mousse (My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors) (n.) a rich dessert flavored with salmon.

shreddies (The Kid's Song) (n.) little bite-sized pieces of shredded wheat.

Solzhenitysen (Johnny Saucepan) (n.) referring to Russian author Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Solzhenitsyn was a former physicist and mathemetician who was arrested and condemned to eight years in a Soviet concentration camp. He is probably best noted for his work, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich about life in one of Stalin's prison camps.

subversives (Big Fish) (n. pl.) persons tending or seeking to subvert, overthrow, or destroy (an established government, institution, belief).

tin whistle (n.) flute-like instrument used in the intro to Johnny Saucepan

Tories (River Valley) (n. pl.) a member of the Canadian conservative party.

umlaut (oom' lout) (The Ballad of Marion Früvous) (n.) The diacritical mark placed over a vowel to indicate a change in a vowel sound cause by partial assimilation to a vowel or semi-vowel occuring in the following symbol.

warhawk (The Gulf War Song) (n.) an Americanism--an advocate of all-out war or of measures in international affairs designed to provoke or escalate open hostilities.

wood (n.) an earthy, rootsy, musical recording that manages to impart the cozy sense of solid comfort conjured by mention of the substance.

zamboni (King of Spain) (n.) for non-hockey fans (and how could you be?), a riding vehicle used to re-surface ice-rinks.

Zeit-geist (Canada, We Love You) (n.) the spirit of the age; trend of thought and feeling in a period.

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