Moxy Fruvous Quiz

Moxy Früvous Quiz

(slightly edited)
(revised 8/9/96 per Nikolai's request)

Subject: Moxy quiz!!!
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 1996 14:34:41 -0700
From: Nikolai Faaland (NIKOLAI@NWLINK.COM)

Okay, y'all, I've written a Fruvous trivia quiz, all for your enjoyment. Have fun! The answers will be posted as soon as I figure out what they all are ;) If I don't post them tomorrow, though, you'll have to wait until next week, as I'm going out of town.

The Quiz

Fruvous Quiz!!!

No cheating!  (looking at album covers, etc)

1.  Name all four of the guys... full names!

2.  Name the song & fill in the blank:  Oh, how could he?  I’ve forgotten

3.  Give, to the nearest minute, the length of the B-Album

4.  What were they doing when they said "Over the m-m-m-mountains"?

5.  In the liner notes for "Ash Hash", what is suggested as a possible
    use for the song? Also, who was the original author?

6.  What is the fifth song on Wood?

7.  What are 'High Powered Canadian Exports'?

8.  Name all the authors mentioned in the Bargainville version of "Bunch of

9.  What does AFTAB mean?  How many concerts does it take to get one?

10.  Which of the four do you get to date first?

11.  What two things might be raining down from above?

12.  Who is Mike's alter-ego stage persona?

13.  On what song of whose debut album did Moxy Fruvous sing in the
     background with the Suburban Tabernacle Choir?

14.  What is the alternate name Moxy used while testing some out new songs,
     so as to not be recognized immediately?

15.  What is the name of the animal featured on the front of _Bargainville_
     and who draws it?

16.  Give one (or more) definitions for Fruvous.

17.  What is the "The Present Tense Tureen" unofficially (or maybe
     officially) about?

18.  Who was Laika (in real life)?

19.  "If you’re tired, you can hit the sack with the (blank)."  Name the
     song and fill in the blank.

20.  What brand of car is being made in "Darlington Darling"?

21.  How many times has Nikolai Faaland seen Moxy in concert?  (this
     question is extra credit)

22.  What famous tale does "King of Spain" borrow imagery from?

23.  Does MF take drugs?  If yes, how do they do it?

24.  What is the planned name for Moxy’s next album?


If you didn't answer "I don't know", you probably got them right, so I'll
give you the scoring system before I give you the answers.

0 correct:  I think you're in the wrong newsgroup.

1-7:  Hey, a newbie!  Keep fruvin, and you'll probably know more than I do
in a few weeks!  :)

8-16:  Good!  Not only do you know a fair amount of Moxy trivia, you
probably still have a life outside of Moxy!

16-22:  You're a Moxy Maven!  Right on, ya Fruhead!

23:  I said no cheating!

24:  There is a world outside of the FruFour, you know.  Admittedly, it's
kinda lame, but it helps to be at least a little connected.  Get off the
computer, and go stand outside for a minute.  Get a grip.

25:  Congratulations!  You've won an all-expense paid tour with Moxy
Fruvous, to see every show they do for the rest of eternity!  Just email me
at to collect your prize!!

The Answers

Hey y'all....

Here's the answers to my quiz, in case anyone actually took it ;)  If you haven't
taken it, then shame on you for reading this, you bad person.  Go find it and take
it _before_ you read the answers.

Well, I know that you are burning to see the answers, so without furthur ado,
here they are...

1. Mike Ford, Murray Foster, Jean (Jian?) Ghomeshi, Dave Matheson

2. Entropy, "nuclear"

3. The exact time is 22:57, so 23 is the nearest minute.

4. They were doing the "Towels from Home" skit, on the Iron Horse tape.

5. Bob Snider was the original author. It had been suggested that they use the
   song to "score some boo". For the record, the idea "hadn't occured to them".

6. Poor Mary Lane

7. The Frufour themselves, according to the band monikers assigned by the Iron Horse.
   Cigarettes is also an acceptable answer.

8. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, William S. Burroughs, bell hooks, Pierre Burton,
   Mario Puzo, W. P. Kinsella, Margaret Atwood, Robertson Davies, Ondaatje,
   Doris Lessing.

9. Aiming For The Ass Brand.  50.

10. Dave.  I guess he's desperate.

11. Mt Pinatubo, or the threat of god's love.

12. Lou and/or Spiderman. 

13. Million Dollars, from Gordon, Barenaked Ladies. 

14. Bole 

15. He's Moxy (budgie dog is the species, not the name).  He's a product of Mike's
    warped imagination. He has also been named Larry Boniface Clebdon, but I'm
    not sure if that's a permanent thing or if he's just going through an identity

16. 1. Magical monk-baked pastry loaf.
    2. High stakes Mesopotamian board game.
    3. Sound produced when yogurt dallops are dropped in searing liquid.
    4. Unflappable (after legendary crusader Marion ~)
    5. Multi-legged and aural.

17. In the words of an anonymous audience member at the Iron Horse, "Stoner song!!"

18. Laika was the first dog in space.  Unfortunately for her, she's still there.

19. Video Bargainville, "trendy Ben-Hur disco double pack".

20. Mercedes.  "Watching V-6 Mercs slide through"
    It could concievably, be Mercury, since that would make more sense considering
    the geography of the song, but that would be far too logical, and we all know
    the kind of trouble logic can cause.

21. Zero :(

22. The Prince and the Pauper.

23. Well, this is unknown, really.  But yes or no, they "take them seriously" ;)

24. Rumours, although that could change

Well, that's all there is.  

So there you go.  If you liked my quiz, drop me a line.  If you hated it, well, you
didn't have to take it, so I guess it's your problem.

Anyhow, thanks for taking the time to take me quiz.  If anyone wants me to, I might
make another, or polish up this one, or whatever.  :)

Peace and Fruvousness to you all...

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