Review of YWGTTM

by W.T. Ness

What can I say about Moxy Fruvous' latest recording endeavor? Hmmmm . . . That is a very good question. Every night since I cracked open the plastic covering on You Will Go to the Moon, this question has been swirling around in my head crying out for perhaps some divine intervention. Maybe I'm just waiting for someone on television, or radio, to talk about it so I can adopt their interpretation (heck, if the rest of the real world can jump on band wagons, then so can I). Perhaps I should just call up the Fruvous Four and ask them directly what it was they were getting at (if you ask me that's just an easier way through the same sized door on those wagons already mentioned). I think the true answer to what to say about the fourth CD release for the group really comes from within the listener.

The main job of a musician is to inspire listeners to enter into some emotional and intellectual paradigm. Therefore it is the job of the listener to search, on their own, between the lines for the meaning behind the words. I have listened to this CD many times over and I have come to many different conclusions. Every theme I could possibly come up with has entered and exited my mind, trying to focus on one would be criminal. So here is my advice to you: buy the CD, turn off the lights, lie back and let Moxy Fruvous take you on the journey that is meant for you. There are many messages in this CD, but only you can discover which one works for you.

Clever lyrics, memorable and dynamic melodies, plus an uncanny Beatlesque influence scores a "must-buy" sticker of approval from this critic. Anyone who can fog up a mirror will get something from this recording and will conceivably develop some sort of opinion on it. Give your mind a stretch and support our Canadian Talent with your dollar.

"The Canadians are coming!!! The Canadians are coming!!!"

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