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An Interview With Good Building Wood

City Wide Alert E-zine

Moxy Fruvous has just released its second effort, Wood, and are currently touring in support. The album, while carrying their trademark stamp, is somewhat of a departure from Bargainville. City Wide Alert met up with Moxy's Mike Ford (in hat and glasses above); however, it was screwed up by a faulty tape machine. The following is what transpired, to the best of my recollection and hastily scribbled notes. Check 'em out at Dal! - I M

City Wide: Pardon my ignorance, but what is a Moxy Fruvous?

Mike Ford: Fruvous is a Scottish Highland term for good building wood. It's kind of a running theme with us. Both albums were recorded in Woodstock, New York. We recorded in a beautiful old wooden church. The wood in the structure gave a magnificent sound. This is opposed to the usual studio offering the sound of a dentist's office. We also had the double doors wide open looking into the woods. Moxy is ...well moxy.

CW: This recording took only 17 days to complete? Was this intentional?

MF: A lot of this recording was done on the first or second takes. We had practised the songs prior to going into the studio and were ready when the time came. We often did a number of takes but found ourselves going back to the original takes. I am very pleased with the results of this recording and found it a very loose and natural process. It actually could have been completed in a shorter time span but we had short days and filled in much of that with hackey sack and air hockey. We have developed a league with our own dream teams. I'm currently in third place.

CW: Out of how many?

MF: Three.

CW: Wood is quite a departure from the novel and political Bargainville. Was this move intentional or accidental?

MF: We came into this project with an attitude of no fear. We had no intentions of changing anything; it's just where we stood at that particular point in time. I feel that this is just a slightly different side of Moxy Fruvous. The writing this time around just came out more personal emotional and introspective. I think the political and fun side is still there but just not as evident. I see Moxy Fruvous as being a little different each time we record.

CW: The band began as a busker act, any unusual memories from this period?

MF: A few years back before anything was happening for us, we traveled to Montreal for the Jazz festival. We went there to busk but found upon our arrival that busking permits were issued like six months before. We had come a long way and had hopes of making enough money to pay our way. We busted the gate and joined arm and arm and began singing accapella songs like the theme from "Hockey Night in Canada". We drew the immediate attention of the Jazz police but by this time a crowd had formed. The festival organizer happened to be there and began chatting with us. We ended up attending press conferences with Anita Baker and being filmed and interviewed by France's National TV Station. It was quite exciting and we had a ball. The Jazz police eventually caught up with us and booted us out. We eventually made enough money to pay our way home outside the gates. It was the beginning of a love affair with Montreal.

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