Live Show: 7/26/96


Oswego, NY

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley

The Details

Moxy Früvous appeared in Oswego, NY on Friday, July 26 for Harbourfest. They performed in West Lnear Park at around 8:00pm, on the River Stage. I attended this concert with my co-worker Evan and his friend Phil. I would have to say that this is the best Moxy show I've been too thus far; I met so many great people, and just had the best time! The crowd was so energetic and you could tell Früvous fans came from all around to see this show...

From the Official Harborfest Guide: The Toronto four-piece alternative band Moxy Fruvous currently tours in support of their recent release, "wood", a more mature follow-up to their debut CD "Video Bargainville", a record that went platinum in Canada and scored plenty of college-radio airplay in the United States. While their previous radio songs like "King of Spain" were more whimsical, the "wood" CD features a soulful mix of stirring vocals and acoustic folky instrumentation punctuated by eminently hummable melodies, singalong choruses, seasoned playing, and soaring group harmonies. Booking: Richard Mills (416)598-0067 River Stage, July 26

I'd like to say hello to everyone I saw at the show, and all the new friends I made, especially Laurie, Kevin (& his friend Jen), and Marc Stress. Laurie and Kevin helped me out a lot with getting pictures of the band, and autographs afterwards. Hope to see you all again at many more Moxy moments!

The Früv Four are so good about staying around after the show to talk, sign autographs, and meet their fans. I was able to let them know about this web-site, and just generally hang out and have a good time. I've put the autographs I received from this show (my B-album CD liner) in the picture gallery, so check 'em out!!

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The Pictures

For purposes of space, and since you can't see anything in a thumbnail anyways :-), I'm not going to include thumbnails of the pics from shows... I'd also like to apologize for the darkness of some of these, my camera battery apparently died halfway through the show.

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The Music (songs in bold)

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Misc. Info

Some other little tidbits from the performance include:

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