Live Show: 9/07/96


Oberlin, OH

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley

The Details

Moxy appeared at Oberlin college, in the Cat in the Cream coffeehouse, located in the Hales Building, on the college campus. The show was scheduled for 9pm, but since people were still coming in and getting situated, the show started at about 9:20.

I decided to make the trek down from Rochester to see this show. Whew, what a drive! It was definitely worth it; this show was phenomenal. The place was completely packed. It was very hot in the venue; everyone was sweating heavily by the night's end. This show had everything though, including (audience tribute here): 6 hr. drives (hey, that's me! ;-), coffee defficiency headaches, front row seats, cool hats, clue games, billiards, small yet crowded venues, a very rainy day, and a very packed house!

I would like to take a quick moment and say HI! to all the great people I met at this show. Everytime I see Moxy I meet more and more fans, and that's half the fun of going to these gigs. I finally got to meet Marty and Kristina, who I've been corresponding with via e-mail over the past couple months. Hi guys! :-)

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