Live Show: 10/26/96


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley

The Details

Moxy appeared at the Metro Days of Action on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The Days of Action was a Canadian protest culminating in a 300,000+ person march ending at Queen's Park in Toronto, where many bands performed (including Billy Bragg, Bruce Cockburn, and Punjabi by Nature).

I attended this gathering and the only word to describe it is: INSANE! (I don't mean this in the pajorative sense). There were literally 300,000 people there. I got there with my friend and co-worker Pat, around 12 noon, so we were able to get right up to the stage, where bands were performing, and people were giving speeches, talking out against Mike Harris and the right-wing government. By the time it hit 4:30pm, my legs were ready to fall off, and Moxy finally came up to perform a short set.

It was worth it...

The Pictures

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The Music

Opened with: The Set Finished with: 'Encore'

Misc. Info

Some other little tidbits from the performance include:

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