Live Show: 11/10/96


Toronto, ON, Canada

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley

The Details

Moxy appeared at the News Theatre in downtown Toronto for a benefit for Ken Saro-Wiwa, a Nigerian writer who was recently hung for his opposition to Shell Oil's extraction of petroleum from the Niger Delta, and the subsequent damage being done to the environment of Nigeria and to the Ogoni people.

The Ogoni 19 are men who are imprisoned in Nigeria, under the same charges that Ken Saro-Wiwa was faced with. I was shocked to learn of what is happening at this very moment in Nigeria, a horrible violation of human and environmental rights.

I drove up from Rochester and met up with Heather Rolph, and together we attended this benefit. I must admit, it was very well put together. It was interesting, informative, and definitely left me wanting to do something about the situation in Nigeria. I had no idea that something this awful is still going on in the world. Quite an eye-opener.

Other bands that played included: The Soul Attorneys, Centrifugal Force, Michelle Sweeney, and the Afro-Nubians.

Moxy was the second act to perform. They sang River Valley, and You Will Go to the Moon. I thought that was it, but after the theatre was satellite linked to Dublin, they came back out and performed The Gulf War Song. It was beautiful. I still had not heard that song ever performed live; what a way to hear it live for the first time.

The Pictures

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