Fruvous Quill #11 (September '97)

Früvous Quill #11 (September '97)

Presenting! The Your New Boyfriend Tour - Fall 1997


A great flood? A yard sale? Maybe a good recipe for muffins. No, none of these, Gentle reader, just a biennial outburst from the good people at Früvous. How are you? Well, shit happens. For our part we are well, except for the insomnia, the night sweats and the screaming.

And down to business. The cut and thrust of this demi-quill must indeed be the announcement of the YOUR NEW BOYFRIEND Tour '97, Früvous' nom de guerre for the coming soon. During the course of the tour we plan to visit each of those cities in the U.S. and Canada that we have mistakenly come to call "home" in the last year or two.

As we pass through your province, state and/or district, keep in mind that Früvous shows are like corn chips: you can't stop at just one. Along with all the usual ballyhoo you expect at a Früvous show, we intend on adding some old chestnuts from days gone by, as well as some surprises that even our people won't tell us about. And if the words "live album" and "intermittent recording of shows this fall" appear anywhere on this page, rest assured that it is only a typo, and that the printer has been sterilized.

We are also filled with pride, as well as a certain nepotistic glee, to announce our New Years Eve show headlining at The Bottom Line club in New York City. Those of you who saw us there last year will remember the unfortunate incident with the doll. We promise there will be no repeat of that this year. Ahem.

So there you have it, a brief, almost terse account of Moxy Früvous' plans for the impending season. If any portion of this quill is unclear, please feel free to reread the relevant secions with our blessing. We look forward to seeing all of your faces scrunched up together at the front of the stage, and we even look forward to seeing the faces of the cooler people who hang out near the bar. Remember, temperatures drop in the fall, so dress accordingly. We'll see you soon, and in the meantime may you continue to be unreceptive to flattery.


...for Moxy Früvous' Your New Boyfriend Fall '97 Tour

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