Fruvous Quill #12

Früvous Quill #12 (May '98)



The explosive new live Früvous album!!!
*In stores MAY 19th in the U.S.!
*MAY 26th in CANADA!

In the words of someone who may or may not have been Fats Waller, Happy Spring! The easy lope of the days, the mild canter of the hours, the brisk trot of the seconds. How slow and serene, how gradual and unhurried are these early spring days before the coming of the Comet: joggers and nuns passing each other in the street, a school bus goes by, a garbage can sits upright, all completely oblivious to the two-kilometer chunk of frozen ore hurtling toward the planet. "Happy spring," we mutter to each other as our technicians put the finishing touches on Biosphere 5 deep beneath the Earth's crust. Happy spring.

Spring, it seems, hardly comes a-courtin' without the lock-step arrival of a new Moxy Früvous record, so it is with tremendous pride and a mild déjà vu that we announce the relase of the sprawling, epic Live Noise on May 19th in the U.S. and May 26th in Canada. We recorded it over six nights on the Your New Boyfriend tour last fall, in New York, Philadelphia and Buffalo. It contains twelve Früvous hits, chosen not just for their eminent hummability but because they improve upon the studio originals - we have a version of Michigan Militia that would make Sean Coombs boogaloo. We've thrown on a cover of Tom Waits' Jockey Full o' Bourbon and of Talking Heads' Psycho Killer, and eight snippets of banter on the album give it the feel of the real deal. The album comes out on Warner Music in Canada and Bottom Line Records in the U.S., and the new distribution deal between Bottom Line and BMG means that the album should be as easy to come into contact with as the Asian Flu. Finally with this home version, fans of the band can have a genuine live Früvous experience while flossing. "It's like the ultimate bootleg tape," we whisper to each other as we settle down into our sleeping bags every night. Hope you like.

The Recent Past, The Imminent Future

In February, die-hard fans flocked to Toronto for the first annual fan-organized Frühead convention, which by all accounts was a raging success. Some said it was this generation's Woodstock, while others disagreed with that statement. But everyone seemed to have a good time, and some probably got naked, so who's to say? We spent much of the winter slaving away on Special Projects, including the above celebrated Live Noise. For the past month we've been working up new songs, some of which you will definitely hear on tour this summer. After a week of in-stores in May, we'll be setting off for High Adventure across America from June through August, culminating in a two-month, two-country tour in the fall. The fall tour will take us to the Canadian west for the first time in a few years. Yeeeeehah!!!!

It is with the usual unprecedented ballyhoo that we unveil the latest revolution in customer appreciation: The Frümile Card. Big-hearted fan payback? Wily, insidious consumerism? We couldn't care less, and neither will you as you clutch your card tightly in your hand and viciously elbow a fellow Frühead to the floor in front of the merch table. Intrigued? Read on...

The Frümile Card is based upon a complicated system of levers and pulleys...whoops! Different project. Now where the hell is is...oh yes...The Frümile Card is based on a complicated system similar in many respects to the Frühead Card. The participating live show attendee - say, you - simply takes his or her Frümile Card to the merch table and has it stamped by our courteous attendant. These stamps can then be redeemed for prizes and loot (see Loot List). Each show is worth one 100 point stamp, except some hard-to-reach or otherwise infrequent tour stops. Do you spend 500 on the pin and 1000 on the cap, or hold out for the songbook at 1500? these are decisions we can't make for you. Stamps will be awarded for the duration of this millenium, but prizes can still be collected after that, provided that civilization hasn't been completely wiped out by the Comet.

We'll leave you then to salivate over the FrüMiles Loot List and to plot your lives out accordingly or un-accordingly. the disfunctional coffee pot here at Quill Central is not responding to our desperate maledictions, so if the good lord's willin' and the creeks don't rise, we'll see ya later!

Frümiles Loot-List

Hey folks! Here they are! The tantalizing list of prizes you can earn just for showing up to innumerable Früvous shows at great personal expense. Watch out for special point bonuses for especially degrading behavior or for shows way out in the middle of nowhere. Good luck and happy hunting!


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