Fruvous Quill #2

Früvous Quill #2 (December '93)

(About this Quill)

This quill is different than the others in that the text is all over the page in no particular order. I'll probably scan it in at some future time, so you can have an exact replica of it.

Each member of the band contributed their own section to this Quill, with Mike's section being pictures and sentences placed all over the sheet. Each section will be separated by a horizontal rule.

Bonnes Fêtes!

Voici quelques illustrations faites par Mike à propos de nos experiences cet automne...

To keep fit, we tossed a nerf football around a KAMLOOPS parking lot. That pretty much did it.

We were treated each night to the beautiful music of JANN ARDEN.

...getting ourselves + our stuff from place to place was virtually fool-proof.

...we stayed in a few places that sparkled with local colour.

A few of us discovered an historic Martello tower in Halifax

We were not always comfortable.....

pizza? brewski? Toilet Stop?

.....on the bus.

We saw lakes on the prairies that weren't there last year.

Our incredible crew was called upon every day to demonstrate their super-human abilites

(p.s. if anyone disagrees with any part of anything that I've said... they can go to hell.) :-)

a la prochaine!

In the words of James Joyce, "mmm, yes!" Another Früvous Quill and the anticpation couldn't be running higher. The boys - that's us - have just completed a highly successful and significantly Funderrated Canadian tour that took us to some of the most breath-catchingly beautiful theatres across the land, as well as a few old clunkers that by rights should be condemned altogether. Do you ever wonder how the random function on a CD player works? But we digress. Suffice to say that all things are seaworthy - on the good ship Früvous.

Highlights of the tour, you ask? Well, the mystics amongst you will thrill to the story of the spider that dropped down from the ceiling three floors above and hung two feet in front of Mike's face for the duration of the show! And I don't need to remind you that Mike is Spiderman, that he was bitten by a similar spider under similar circumstances, many years ago. Eeii. Bow to the tarot, man.

You should know (or should you?) that we're playing Mel Lastman Square in Toronto on New Year's Eve, with the Waltons and The Skydiggers. Apparently that night The Waltons are going to produce new evidence against the Immaculate Conception, while Andy Moize of the Diggers is going to have a pedicurist spontaneously pumice his corns live on stage while the rest of the band feigns disinterest. But that's nothing compared to what the Früvous has brewin'. Whoopy! We can't tell you what it is, but we can give you a one-word hint: Hindenburg. Go dig up some old archival footage and you will begin to get the picture. Well, my trained sloth Trevor looks peckish. Til then!

Murray Foster

Our group is a lucky one. After 2 months together in a bus, we still get along swimmingly. There've been no unseemly incidents and the crew: Colin, Ken + Doug are all salts of the earth and season the Früsters accordingly. Sure is fun to do a tour where the audiences are as friendly and enthusiastic as everyone was this time. Mostly nice theatres too. Thank you to all who came out and made the shows so much fun.

Stay balanced, take in a wide variety of artsy stuff and don't try frying eggs in the dryer.

yer bud, David Matheson

Yes!...Greetings friends of Früvous! My psychological, emotional, and physical exhaustion is balanced by pleasing mental snapshots of meeting wonderful and supportive people across Canada. I suppose it sounds cheezy, but, after discussing ideas, ideology and issues with folks everywhere in the such an intense period - I feel more "in touch" with Canada and our national identity (identities?) than ever before...Thanks...that's nice.

Just wanted to write a brief note about political statements and Früvous. Recently we have been criticized by some people who believe that we are too overtly political in our songs and statements on stage to the point of being 'offensive' or 'exclusionary' for some members of our audience. Specifically, I have been taken to task for comments that I've made on stage about opposition to the Reform Party and support for a woman's right to have an abortion. start - we respect the right of anyone to disagree with our opinions and we're sorry if that is ever unclear. Second, there is no particular Früvous political agenda or affiliation (although, if you send $25 by cheque or money order now we'll consider one). But there are specific issues that we are all passionate about and we're not afraid to let the public know that. And, we don't come by our opinions flippantly - individually or collectively. There is a fantastic degree of ideological and political discussion that occurs within the group before consensus is reached around any idea (sometimes there is no consensus). Personally, I have devoted a great deal of time to developing my own political consciousness and doctrines. I'm fully prepared to defend my beliefs (um...for some tasty chocolate chip cookies I could be persuaded to change 'em). Further, when there are political/economic decisions made that affect the lives of Früvous members and what we are directly involved in (say...cutbacks to funding for Cdn. cultural organizations etc.), not only do we have the "right" to be outspoken about our views but, to a certain extent, as active public figures, I believe we have a responsibility.

Most important, please remember that - within the constraints of our exhaustive schedule - I'm interested and exicted about discussing any of these viewpoints/issues with anybody. I look forward to it.

Yours, Jean Ghomeshi

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