Fruvous Quill #3

Früvous Quill #3 (June '94)


Which is heavier, a pound of New York thugs, or a pound of overbearing British soccer hooligans? Well, don't ask us, we didn't get a chance to weigh them, but we did visit them and lived to tell the tale. Suffice to say that your friendly ne'ers-do-well are returning home from a successful jaunt across vast continents, over tremendous waterfalls and underneath ferocious leopards.

Let's see... in America, we supported Nick Heyward and Michelle Shocked, busked in Central Park, and generally incited a not-insubstantial furor throughout the North-East. Britian-wise, we sold out our London shows, besieged and conquered Edinburgh (to where we're returning in August for their Fringe Festival), and had our van stolen. And, happy to say, we'll be going (coming?) back! Not all the dates are finalized, but those shows that are confirmed in Canada, the U.S. and Europe are noted on the back. And, rest assured that we will be returning to your burg, even if it doesn't appear on the chart overleaf. It's a summertime romp that combines over two of the world's great pleasures, listening to music and wearing shorts (or long pants). So, yes, we're exercising and eating right (starting with Fleishman's), and we sincerely hope you're doing the same. See you soon...

Moxy Früvous

Where we'll be (A partial list)

24th		Waterfront Fest			Oakville, Ont.
25th		Sounds of Summer		Waterloo, Ont.
27th		Cicero's			St. Louis, Mo.
28th		Stache's			Columbus, Oh.
29th		Schuba's			Chicago, Ill.
30th		Alvin's				Detroit, Mi.

01st		Tecumseh Park			Chatham, Ont.
02nd		Friendship Fest			Fort Erie, Ont.
03rd		Blythe Theatre Fest		Blythe, Ont.
08th		Northern Lights Fest		Sudbury, Ont.
09th		   "       "     "		  "      "
12th		Mercury Lounge			New York, N.Y.
13th		The Angel			Philadelphia, P.A.
14th		Calgary Stampede		Calgary, Alb.
15th		   "        "			   "      "
16th		Prairieland Ex			Saskatoon, Sask.
22nd		Folk on the Rock		Yellowknife, NWT
23rd 		  "    "     "			  "    "      "
28th-31st	Just for Laughs Festival	Montréal, Que.

1-7		North-Eastern U.S.A.		Rochester, Boston, Philly,
						Washington, New York
8-13		Mid-Western U.S.A.		St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit,
						Columbus, Buffalo
14th		Mariposa Folk Fest		Toronto, Ont.
17th-23rd	Edinburgh Fringe Festival	Edinburgh, SCOTLAND
26th		Tønder Festival			Tønder, DENMARK
27th		   "       "			   "      "

15th		The Borderline			London, ENGLAND
16th		   "    "			  "        "

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