Fruvous Quill #4

Früvous Quill #4 (October '94)

Featuring the latest dispatches from our chairperson and all-rown BON VIVANT, LARYY BONIFACE CLEBDON.

The airplane's racing Rumway Four
The sleigh's all set at the big bam door
The wind is blowin' from the shore
Mmm...time to raise the Quill once more

Hi Friends,

Now that we're finally alone, we can speak most freely. Times have been interesting. Dave's run in with the llama left more than a few long faces behind in Edinburgh. By the time he got the harnesses off, the Vice-Regis had placed a call to Ray Hnatyshyn. There'll be no tartan shortbread beavers for Rideau Hall this year. Despite it all, we had seven fun-filled shows as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, three of which included Toronto's Rheostatics. Many a cheese toasty was washed down in the glow of cameraderie and a little candle we had found.

Then we went to Denmark. What an interesting country. The green, the look but not to touch. Everyone has such sensible shoes in Denmark and (it only follows) everyone has twinkling eyes and jaunty dispostions. Just don't mention the Swedes (esp. Borje Salming). Mike crossed that line while chatting with some guys from a nearby cheese factory and woke up with each of his hands encased in a ten pound wheel of Jarlsburg. But what fondue we had!

Another summer highlight was when Murray and Bea Arthur (thich as thieves since they met at the awesome Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal) got up to some tandem waterskiing hiijinks in New York. The sun sparkled as a light wind teased the surface of the Hudson. It was the poetry in motion as the couple delighted onlookers with a series of double gainers, camels, and the famous "riding the underdog". Then Bea took the wake for a 360 and landed in the swells of a passing garbage boat sending a ski flying through the air and catching Murray just above the eye. Right on Mur. Right on Maude.

We all got sunburned up in Yellowknife. The sun hardly sets up there in the summer. We were on stage and someone yelled "there's some solar-care creme for your nose" only it sounded like "there's a polar bear peein' on your clothes." Naturally...panic ensued. Some people think we're too concerned with clothes.

Frülads: U.K.

22	U.M.I.S.T.			Manchester
24	Chiswick Town Hall		London
25	S.U. Lounge-Drake Circus	Plymouth
26	S.U. Bar-Bramley Rd.		London
27	Escape Bar-Frenchay Site	Bristol
28	Palace Pier-Seafront		Brighton
29	Monk's Bar-Aston U.		Birmingham

4	Old Vic				Nottingham
5	Scraptoft Bar			Leicester
6	S.U. Building			Loughborough
7	Fresher's Fair, Anglia P.U.	Cambridge
8	Union Square, Lancashire	Preston
9	S.U. Demontford			Milton Keynes
	and Arts Centre			Windsor	

Now we're playing our last six weeks of gigs. A month in Brittain and a couple of weeks visiting some of our favorite spots in the U.S, including Rochester, NYC, and of course, Philadelphia, where Jean once got mixed up with a rap crew and disappeared for three days. Apparently they went sailing and became involved in the gun control debate (it happens). Well, Jean washed up in Hoboken, feeling triumphant that all the fellows had thrown their sidearms overboard, but a little nervous about how well they'd enjoy the six copies of Bob and Doug's "Strange Brew" that he'd promised as payback for the gun-chuck.

We're taking November and Decmeber off (writing and personal time). In 1995 we'll be trotting new millenium sounds across our beloved home and native land (and other places). Fruvous Fully Freshened for '95. We expect to record our new album in the Spring. But first, the U.K.- U.S.-O.K.-heyday. In fact we've just (this morning) turned on our own personal afterburners in order to make these last few gigs rock harder than Supertramp did in Firenze back in '81. C'mon out and smell the jet-fuel.


Moxy Früvous: Stateside

19	Milestones		Rochester
20	Middle East Club	Boston
21	Met Caf%eacute;		Providence
22	Theatre of Living Arts	Philadelphia
23	tba			Washington
26,27	Mercury Lounge		New York
29	Cicero's		St. Louis
30	Schuba's		Chicago
31	tba			Cleveland

1	tba			Ann Arbor

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