Fruvous Quill #5

Früvous Quill #5 (February '95)

Salutations Gentlefolk!

Welcome to the latest edition of the Früvous Quill, the first in '95 - Year of the Pig(!).

First, we must thank all of you who have written us in recent months. Despite our deep-seated aversion to the written word, we read EVERYTHING that receive (inluding the messages on the "net"). It's responding to each respective letter that's difficult and we're very sorry if your letter has gone unanswered. We try...and we are always grateful, though we can't answer all of it.

We must catch you up on events since we last spoke in the fall. We returned home to Toronto in November after over 18 months on the road touring "Bargainville." It was so nice to have some clean clothes again. But in a most unfortunate turn of events, the avacado stone that Murray had planted in his backyard before we left failed to live up to expectations. Our hopes of a glorious tree laden with plump and fleshy avacado came crashing down upon seeing the pathetic frozen sprig lying dead in the snow. "They don't winter very well," said Mrs. Foster, demurely. However, we press on and rally our faith around the difficult winter planting of this year's garden fantasy. "Papaya is a lovely fruit!" squealed Mrs. Foster with delight and the air of someone who knows a secret. We can only wait and pray.

Out of the garden, away from the "Start me up" Dental Kits that the record company gave us, we were drawn back to the impenetrable mystery that is, for us, music. For the first time since we began this Früvous journey, we have acquired a regular rehearsal space in Toronto. Throughout January and the February we have been spending many hours there each day working on our new material and playing CIIIHA Hockey (on the table, or course).


We have also started playing all this new music live under the nifty pseudonum "Bole." Just a few gigs in some of Toronto's finer dives to break in the new tunes before we record album deux. "How are zey zounding, zees new chunes?" asks a mysterious Teunton, warming his stubbing hands on a cup of hot postum. To answer, permit us a faux haiku:

The tree, so developed and big
Drops new fruit
The piano and banjo catch

We are heading into Dreamland Studios in the Woodstock, New York region again. We'll be recording in March and mixing after a brief digestion period of a couple of weeks. Spirits are very high (having flown). We are all very excited about our new music. Really, it feels right as a neurosurgeon one said about the brain. We're taking Michal Koppelman (Frenté, Prince, M.C. Hammer) in as a co-producer. This man is a sonic wizard and it'll be fun to have someone helping out with the sounds, etc. Check out the insert in this edition of the Quill for information about how YOU can get a sneak preview cassette of the new record before it's released.

Ok. Dat's it. Did you know that the wee Quill now goes out to five continents? There's only seven in the world (are there only seven?), so we figure we're at least halfway global. And these days, global is where you wanna be. (?)

Thanks for reading. Many great figures throughout history have been readers like yourself.

With Love,

the mf boys.

News Flashes

(1) Moxy Member on Klezmatics Album: Früvous appears singing on a new album released by the New York based group, the Klezmatic. The album entitled, Jews With Horns, has just been released in Europe and the U.S.

(2) 2nd Annual Früvous and Friends for Choice: Früvous will be hosting their second annual pro-choice benefit at the Horseshoe club in Toronto on March 3. Also slated to perform at the show are members of the Bourbon Tabernacle Choir, the Spits, the Lost Dakotas, Arlene Bishop, the Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band and more!

(3) New Früvous album slated for June release in Canada: The second, yet untitled Moxy Früvous album is tentatively slated for a mid-June release in Canada, with releases in other territories to follow.

(4) Früvous Touring Canada, U.S. and Europe in '95: Plans are underway for live Moxy Früvous dates throughout the second half of 1995 and into 1996. Expect to see the band perform at various festivals, theatres and clubs across Canada, the United States, and Europe in the coming months. Early tour dates will be posted in the next Quill and in the Früvous newsgroups on the "net."


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