Fruvous Quill #7

Früvous Quill #7 (September '95)

Who Has Heard the Wood?

Greetings Quill Folk!

Another summer gone now and the four of us are lining up to buy cut-rate plaid pencil cases. Back to Cool.

Actually, we're all sitting in the van at the time of this writing (we call it the "Frü-bus," of course). Jean's working on his computer and navigating us through New England's double carriageways. Mike's got his computer on too - looks like a letter to a professor regarding an opera Mike is rocking up. Murray is working on a song (pen & ink) in the far backseat, and Dave is staring into the middle distance, apparently "between thoughts".

John Yates is driving. He's taken time off from being Chief Engineer at Dreamland Studios to mix live sound for us this past month. He's got huge ears and a huge appetite to match. Peter is stretched out on the front bench doing something called "tour managing," which looks a lot like what people who aren't in bands might call "sleeping." Pete's a Great GuyTM who'll take over mixing live sound shortly and be replaced as merchman/tour manager by someone called Dookie. Does Dookie come with his own collar and week's supply of Gainsburger? Is Dookie another of Peter's holograms?

So many questions...find out some answers this fall as Moxy, Dookie, and Petey traverse North America in "Who Has Heard the Wood?" - an autumn tour that will probably touch down in your town, or close to it, before the snow flies (please see the tour schedule in this edition of the Quill and note that some of the final dates are tentative, so check with local listings or the friendly management team at JAM for confirmation).

To our friends in the U.K., we will see you before '96 is out of diapers. January or February is likely, especially since the Little Chef and Welcome Break chains have announced a 20% price hike for their fine edibles in the new year! We want to be there for the celebratory games: Managers pelting submissive customers with hard rolls ("just a Pound!"); and the "batter-off" competition where top chefs compete for the highest bread-to-fish ration in an eight Pound plate.

Meantime, on to the new album... "Wood" is catching fire in Canada! Beating the competition to the pulp! Running rings around 'em! Stumping the critics! (saps) Retail chains are opening new branches to tap this growth at the root. U.S. and U.K. release dates are still pending, but the album is available through the Quill. Don't be shy...order away and be the first, second or third on your block to get "Wood".

The first single from "Wood" in Canada, "Down from Above" has enjoyed notable radio and video play throughout our fine land this summer. "Fly", the second single, will go to radio in October with a video to match. To all of our Canadian friends, if you wish to see more of the videos for "Down" or "Fly", why not call in a request to you video station? Maybe they can squeeze it in between hair-care and Snapple adverts.

We hope to complete the "B Album" this month (September) and annouce its availability to Quill readers as soon as possible (you always get things first at the Quill). Expect a good dose of satire, humour, oddities, out-takes and archival materials - in a low-priced package.

We are very excited that our U.S. audience is growing rapidly as evidenced by a recent most sold-out tour of U.S. clubs (including a joyous performance at the brilliant Philadelphia Folk Festival). The grand Canadian tour is just about to start. Can't wait to play in the Canadian cities and towns we have not seen in many many months. Murray misses the vistas of the West, Mike the rolling plains, Jean, the Canadian Shield's brave juniper bushes, and Dave, the lilting tongue of the Maritimes.

Well, police cars in Vermont are painted what we used to call "hospital green". And judging by the dozen or so behind the van, it's time to sign off and engage in the lucrative American entertainment form called "Law Show."

Peace, Love and Freedom from the trivial non-issues that sell so much media,

Moxy Früvous

Tureen Schedual

Tuesday, September 26		Kingston, ONT			Stages	
Wednesday, September 27		Hamilton, ONT			McMaster University
								The Downstairs John
Thursday, September 28		Peterborough, ONT		Market Hall
Friday, September 29		St. Catharines, ONT		Brock University
								Isaac's Pub
Saturday, September 30		Rochester, NY			Milestones
Tuesday, October 3		Sarnia, ONT			Campbell St. Station
Thursday, October 5		London, ONT			The Embassy
Friday, October 6		Port Dover, ONT			Old Town Hall Theatre
Saturday, October 7		Toronto, ONT			Lee's Palace
Tuesday, October 10		Quebec City, PQ			Club D'Auteuil
Thursday, October 12		Halifax, NS			Mount St. Vincent University
Friday, October 13 &		Halifax, NS			Dalhousie University
Saturday, October 14
Monday, October 16		Yartmouth, NS			The Red Knight
Tuesday, October 17		Wolfville, NS			Acadia University
Wednesday, October 18		Sydney, NS			Club Capri
Thursday, October 19		Moncton, NB			Chevy's
Friday, October 20		Charlottetown, PEI		University of Prince Edward Island
Saturday, October 21		Fredricton, NB			The Dock Pub
Monday, October 23		Boston, MA			The Middle East (Downstairs)
Tuesday, October 24		North Hampton, MA		The Iron Horse
Wednesday, October 25		New York, NY			Wetlands
Thursday, October 26		Philadelphia, PA		T.L.A.
Saturday, October 28		Albany, NY			venue TBA

Both cities & venues are tentative...still booking as we write this.
Please call JAM at 416-534-1929 or email to confirm dates.

Wednesday, November 1		Toledo, OH			The Main Event
Thursday, November 2		Cleveland, OH			venue TBA
Friday, November 3		Columbus, OH			venue TBA
Saturday, November 4		Cincinatti, OH			venue TBA
Monday, November 6		Champaign, IL			venue TBA
Tuesday, November 7		Chicago, IL			The Double Door
Wednesday, November 8		Madison, WI			venue TBA
Thursday, November 9		Minneapolis, MN			venue TBA
Friday, November 10 &		Winnipeg, MAN			West End Cultural Centre
Saturday, November 11		
Tuesday, November 14		Regina, SK			University of Regina
Wednesday, November 15		Calgary, AB			The Republik
Thursday, November 16		Salmon Arm, BC			venue TBA
Friday, November 17 &		Vancouver, BC			Town Pump
Saturday, November 18
Sunday, November 19		Victoria, BC			Harpo's
Tuesday, November 21		Prince George, BC		University of Prince George
Wednesday, November 22		Banff, AB			Banff Arts Centre
Thursday, November 23		Edmonton, AB			The Rev
Friday,November 24		Red Deer, AB			venue TBA
Saturday, November 25		Saskatoon, SK			Louie's Pub
Monday, November 27		Brandon, MB			venue TBA
Tuesday, November 28		Thunder Bay ONT			venue TBA
Wednesday, November 29		Sault St. Marie, ONT		venue TBA
Thursday, November 30		Sudbury, ONT			venue TBA
Friday, December 1		North Bay, ONT			venue TBA
Saturday, December 2		Ottawa, ONT			Barrymore's
Sunday, December 3		Montreal, PQ			Club Soda

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