CBC - Hotsheete 2/22/95


1. CANADA WINTER GAMES: Thousands of young athletes are competing in Grande Pairie, Alberta
this week at the 1995 Canada Winter Games. CBC Radio Sports is also there.
Each day you'll hear coverage on Morning Sports. During the afternoon show,
John Hancock brings you an update with highlights and stories from the
day's events. That's CBC Radio Sports bringing you the latest from the
Canada Winter Games daily on the morning and afternoon shows. 

2. MORNINGSIDE: Last week the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that children with
disabilities had the right to be integrated in regular classrooms. Today on
Morningside, Peter Gzowski talks with three parents who have disabled kids
and asks them about the daily struggle they face to integrate their
children. That's Morningside, 9:05 to noon (9:35 to 12:30 NT) on CBC Radio.

3. GABEREAU: Bob Snider spent years on the streets of Toronto busking. So
you can't really call him an overnight success. He's a musician's musician.
He has opened for groups such as the Leslie Spit Trio, The Rheostatics and
Moxy Fruvous. But now, with a new c.d. coming out in May, he could take
centre stage himself. This afternoon on Gabereau, he brings his guitar and
plays a few tunes for Vicki. That's Gabereau, at 2:05 (2:35 NT) on CBC

4. AS IT HAPPENS: Tonight on As It Happens: The international
community is preparing for the worst. But a top Croatian Government
official says, relax, just because they're kicking out the U.N., doesn't
mean an all out war with Serbia. That's on As It Happens, with Michael
Enright and Barbara Budd, at 6:30 (7:00 NT) right after the World at Six on
CBC Radio. 

5. IDEAS: In the winter of 1914, a boy died in the Ojibwa
community of Pauingassi, in northern Manitoba. The boy's grandfather -
"Fairwind" - created a drum-dance ceremony to deal with his grief. For more
than 40 years the drum-dance brought consolation and healing to other
Ojibwa in the area and then it was lost. Tonight on Ideas, writer Maureen
Matthews has part two of her search for "Fairwind's Drum." Through
archives, museums and memories she pieces together the story of Fairwind's
Drum Dance and examines its religious and historical significance. That's
on Ideas, tonight at 9:05 (9:35 NT) on CBC Radio. --STEREO-- 

6. THE ARTS TONIGHT: Les Coucous Benevoles presents a concert of French baroque music
with tenor Benjamin Butterfield this evening on The Arts Tonight. Included
in the performance are works by Monteclair and Leclair. The Arts Tonight,
with Shelagh Rogers and guest music host Howard Dyck, begins at 6:30 (7:00
NT) on CBC Stereo. 


7. CANADA WINTER GAMES: The Canada Winter Games are well underway in Grande 
Prairie, Alberta. And here's an interesting bit of trivia. Did you know that 
during the Games, 63-thousand meals are expected to be served to the athletes 
and coaches? That works out to 45-hundred meals per day! Well, of course athletes 
have to eat a lot when they're competing. And today's competition includes Badminton,
Freestyle Skiing, Ringette, Shooting, Hockey and more. Some of these sports
will likely be highlighted tonight on CBC Television's coverage. That's
Canada Winter Games coverage, with host Terry Liebel and Scott Russell,
tonight at 7 (7:30 NT) on CBC Television. 

8. CBC PRIME TIME NEWS: Tonight on CBC Prime Time News Magazine: a look at the
history of Canada's national debt. The country last had a balanced budget under 
John Turner... what's happened since to make it go up? Pamela Wallin talks with 
former federal finance ministers...Michael Wilson, John Crosbie, Marc Lalonde and Donald
Macdonald. And Rex Murphy comments on the "politically correct" campaign to
alter hymns and traditional religious music. That's CBC Prime Time News,
with Peter Mansbridge and Pamela Wallin, tonight at 10 (10:30 NT) on CBC

9. COMICS!: Kenny Robinson is a Toronto comedian by way of Winnipeg
and Chicago. He's been described as a modern heir to Lenny Bruce and fires
off some of the most dangerous and provocative standup comedy of this or
any other age. Tonight CBC Television's "COMICS!" has a documentary look at
Robinson's power and point of view featuring his colleagues and his
critics. That's "COMICS!" tonight at 11:30 (12 MIDNIGHT NT) on CBC
Television. --NEWSWORLD-- 

10. FACE OFF: Free trade is up for discussion tonight on CBC Newsworld's Face Off. 
Hosts Judy Rebick and Claire Hoy are joined by John Crispo, Professor of Management 
at the University of Toronto and Buzz Hargrove of the Canadian Auto Workers. 
That's Face Off, tonight at 8 (EASTERN TIME) on CBC Newsworld. 

11. PETRIE IN PRIME: Tonight on CBC Newsworld's Petrie in Prime...two different guests.
Anne Petrie is joined by Canadian opera tenor Ben Heppner...and by New Brunswick's Finance
Minister Allan Maher. Anne talks with each of them and then opens the phone
lines to take your calls. That's Petrie in Prime, tonight at 9 (EASTERN
TIME) on CBC Newsworld.
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