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Wednesday, November 19th, 1997

Hosts: Michael & Avril
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**B.C. wine (Host: Avril, Producer: Dick Gordon).
     We couldn't come all the way out to British Columbia and not poke our
     nose into some of the fun stuff here like say a glass of wine. BC wine
     is maturing from its days of screw-top "plonk" to the clink of good
     crystal and the accompanying sound of cash. Consumers here and abroad,
     are now more willing to pay respectable amounts for respectable local
     wine. In an effort to capitalize on their new-found popularity this
     year, British Columbia wineries were fighting amongst each other for
     grapes, trying to make enough wine to meet this new demand. We had a
     bit of a fight here at CBC, to see who'd get to do this story. Dick
     Gordon won. (12:31)

Half hour cutaway.

**Rookie MP (Host: Michael, Producer: Paul Wilson).
     Now, another installment in our regular series, Diary of a Rookie MP.
     We asked two new members of parliament to record their impressions of
     life on the Hill - they are Chuck Cadman, a Reform MP from British
     Columbia, and Wendy Lill, NDP MP for the federal riding of Dartmouth.

     Wendy Lill represents the riding of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, for the
     New Democratic Party. We will hear more from Wendy and from Reform MP
     Chuck Cadman, as we continue our series, Diary of a Rookie MP, in the
     weeks to come. (5:31)

Music by The Wyrd Sisters, "This ain't living".
From the album "Raw Voice", CD 7.

B.C. Education (Host: Avril, Producer: Karin Wells).
     Talk about taking the idea of globalization to heart. A number of
     public schools in British Columbia are selling places in their
     classrooms to Asian parents who want the best education for their
     children. This multi-billion dollar enterprise is an innovative way to
     raise much needed cash for school programs. But it does have its
     critics. This Morning producer Karin Wells is here to explain. (13:30)

Music by Moxy Fruvous, "Green Eggs and Ham".
CD 5.
FQ 292A.



**United Church ministers (Host: Michael, Producer: Catherine Pigott).
     The new moderator of the United Church, Bill Phipps, hasn't been in
     the job for long. But already some congregations are demanding his
     resignation, while others leap to his defence. They're divided over
     remarks he made that cast doubt on some of the key tenets of the
     Christian faith. And the debate just won't die down.

     First, part of the conversation Michael had with Bill Phipps a couple
     of weeks ago about his idea of Jesus.
     Panel: two ministers who are dealing with the impact of all this every
     day in their congregations: Reverend Christopher White, of
     Westminister United in Whitby, Ontario, he's in Toronto. And Jennifer
     Ferguson is a minister at Deer Park United in Calgary. (18:30)

Music by Wendy Lands, "Angels & Ordinary Men".
From the album "Angels & Ordinary Men", CD 1.
EMI Music Canada 7243 8 37515 0 1.

Half-hour cutaway.

An interview with Milton Wong (Host: Avril, Producer: Karin Wells).
     During his day job, Vancouver's Milton Wong manages three billion
     dollars of other people's money. But after hours, he been a tireless
     community volunteer, particularly in the area of multiculturalism.

Music by Rick Shadrach Lazar, "Canoa Quebrada".
From the album "Touch", CD 1.
Dark Light Music Ltd. DL 24004.

**New Brunswick report with Peter Anawati (Host: Michael, Producer:
Meredith Levine).
     - last time we spoke, a mother and father in Saint John had just been
     found guilty in the death of their daughter, Jacqueline Brewer. The
     judge was supposed to announce his sentence this week, but instead
     wanted to talk about a momument for the child. What's going on?
     - a girl in Grand Falls, New Brunswick, made the boys' high school
     hockey team, but she's now being kept off the ice because she's a
     - there's been a case of cat food horror in Saint John. What's going
     Peter Anawati is a producer for CBC radio in Fredericton. (10:28)



Indonesia's uneasy relationship with the global marketplace (Host: Avril,
Producer: Greg Kelly).
     The APEC forum in Vancouver is of course about economic co-operation
     among Asian Pacific countries. And as you probably heard earlier,
     there's an assumption surrounding APEC that increased trade
     automatically promotes democracy. But Andreas Harsano might take issue
     with that idea. Andreas Harsano is an Indonesian journalist who has
     been critical of his country's power brokers. And he lost his job
     three years ago when the government shut down his newspaper. He now
     works as a correspondent for a newspaper based in Thailand. Andreas
     Harsano is in Vancouver for the APEC forum. (12:13)

Music by Illapu, "Bailando en Isluga".
From the album "Roots & Wings", CD 8.
EMI Music Canada 72438-21881-2-4.

Rumours and Boarders.
     Julie discovers her fat-to-lean ratio is way out of line. Meanwhile
     Jim discovers that the four hundred and twenty five bucks Julie paid
     for that knowledge is also way out of line. (6:37)

Half hour cutaway.

B.C. publishing panel (Host: Avril, Producer: Paul Wilson).
     In recent years, British Columbia writers have been making waves
     across the country, and in some cases abroad. Writers like William
     Gibson, Douglas Coupland, and Nick Bantock are best-selling authors
     across the continent. This year's Governor General's short list had
     five names from BC, and one of them, Kit Pearson, won the prize for
     children's fiction. The Vancouver Writers' Festival is fast becoming a
     rival to Toronto's Harbourfront International Festival of Authors. And
     all that is just the tip of a very large iceberg.

     Panel: In Ottawa is Paul Whitney, who is Chief Librarian of the
     Burnaby Library and current president of the Canadian Library
     Association. In Vancouver are Celia Duthie, President and owner of
     Duthie Books, and Alan Twigg, publisher of the magazine BC Book World.

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