The 'c' Album Review


Reviewed by: Ian Rowlins

Greetings and good tidings to you sir. I wish to submit a review to FDC. I nevr have writeen a review of anyhting before, but i felt i had too. This is not a exceptionally long review ,nor is it a review of a live show, but i would be overcome with joy if you could see if it could possibly have its place on FDC. What I am reviewing here is the album cover of the new "C" album. When i first glanced at the cover, I was totallly awestruck, one may wonder why, the reason is thus. The charactors on the cover have a very folktale like quality about them, I think it may be because they all look the same and they have been colored in a certain way. Not to long ago I realized that it is quite hard to capture the feeling one gets when thinking of an old folktale, but looking at the cover I can see feel hear and smell the situation,here is the story i get from the cover,All these people gathered around a campfire on an October night, possibly for a campout in the forest, the sound of an acoustic guitar is heard while the voices of many sing along in harmony. In the distance a boy and a girl sit together and snuggle,totally awestruck by the beauty of the music and the people and the overall situation. Later many of the people present gather to cook, using a frying pan over a small fire , one of the younger guests is tasting the contents of the pan,(this is the part of the story which is pictured on the album cover) as he tastes it a feeling of absolute peace comes over him, and he suddenly feels that what he has around him now is all that he will ever need. The people go on cooking, and after they are finished they go off again to sing all through the night. This took place such a long time ago, and the forest which was once occupied by merry, festive people now has been cleared out, to make roon for "progress" and to make things "better", but the scent of that night, and the feel of that night is sometimes lingering in that area and it can sometimes be sensed by a lonely businessman or two as they walk buy on a crisp October night. That is my interpritation of whats going on in the "C" album cover. I dont know if it makes sence or not, but to me it does.

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