Moxy Fruvous - The 'c' Album

The 'c' Album

Release Date: May 20, 2000
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Track Listing

    (Total Time: 27:14)
  1. Welcome to C [0:54] (audio clip available)
  2. Pisco Bandito [2:51]
  3. The Norbals! [1:24]
  4. Video Disco Bargainville [4:25]
  5. Beware The Killer Tents [3:22]
  6. Heatseeker Boy [2:24]
  7. The Mitosis Waltz [1:38]
  8. Jared (The Wild Boy) [2:13]
  9. Bad Jim [0:52]
  10. The Goal Judge [2:40]
  11. The Norbals! (reprise) [0:19]
  12. Pork Tenderloin [3:01]
  13. Guinea Pig [1:11]

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