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Lily( from Cleveland area, OH , August 11, 1999 Pop-o-rama, but It Goes Down Smooth A great album for Fruvous fans and new listeners alike. It's more poppy than previous fruvous albums, sorta mellow, but not too much. In this sense, i'd liken it more to "wood" than any other previous albums, though less folksy. Also, it includes two of my favourite new Fruvous songs, "Sad Girl", and "I Will Hold On". This album proves that Moxy Fruvous are good musicians as well as quirky, fun showmen. A good album to get newbies hooked on! from indiana , August 11, 1999 ahh the harmony...with the lyrics to boot. woah...this may lyrically be the best fruvous album yet...imho... jian always sounds incredible, and together they form one of the best foursomes in the business... more mellow than past albums...more like stuff from wood. it's a keeper.

A music fan from Connecticut, USA , August 11, 1999 Best studio Fruvous album to date... "Earthquakes" makes the CD for me. The rest of the songs are nice, too, don't get me wrong, but I can't stop listening to track 5.

A music fan from New York , August 11, 1999 breathtaking and beautiful...... This album, the sixth for this band, shows once again that nothing will ever take away their unbelievable talents in exchange for a success which compromises their passion for music, entertainment and absurd (and perhaps intimidating) intelligence. These four never cease to show a new aspect of the spectrum they have expanded upon in these past years. When I turned the cd on for the first time, I closed my eyes and was honestly transported to a live venue, hearing the words with such intensity I couldn't stop the tears. Each member brings so many talents to their music, which is something bands rarely ever show. I have heard comments regarding the lack of "funny, absurd songs" on this album, but I feel that with each album you learn more about who they are and how truly talented and amazing people they still are despite success. "I Will Hold On" will never lose the weakining effect it has on me, and songs with less "gut-wrenching emotion they so obviously feel" are no more or less important to the album. This album has a different feel than any other yet released; it is compared with "wood", but to me that is a shallow interpretation given no thought or depth. While "Wood" has the same low-key mellow sound, that cannot be reason to not see the intelligent wit throughout. I love the humour they create like none other ever could try, but know that such brilliant minds mixed with astounding talents would be compromising their true abilities unless they constantly reach new heights. That's what this album is for them... raw, vulnerable, not hiding behind anything but showing what they have to offer in ways never explored. If given a chance, Moxy Fruvous has the ability to change the future of music in such powerful ways... but they wait patiently knowing their self satisfaction is more important than selling out. Everyone needs to hear this...and every album before... But only if people remember who these four men are and not for an image. I can't find any other words to express my respect and admiration for them and for this, the newest and most revealing album they've done.... so far. from I am rite here , August 10, 1999 I havent heard the cd yet but its gotta be great I havent heard the cd yet but the songs I know off of it are real cool "you can't be too Careful" is a fruvous concert must have! All of their songs are cool and the names really dont matter

A music fan from Southern New Jersey , August 10, 1999 Früvous at Their Best . . . Some people will discredit this album as a step away from the "real" Früvous sound, or accuse the band of recording a string of radio-friendly hits to ensure the "big break" their fans know they deserve - but don't listen to them. While Früvous does the funny stuff better than anyone out there, they're at their best when creating music like the twelve tracks on 'Thornhill.' The harmonies are as tight as ever and the instrumental arrangements are inventive (I swear some of the percussion is pots and pans) and foster (no bass-guy pun intended) a "Beatles-era pop" vibe. Is this their "grown up" album? I wouldn't put it that way. More than anything, it's their "grown down" album, a look back over the sounds they grew up on and drew inspiration and influence from. The music is about emotion and experience, rather than straight politics or crafty goofballery. The only "political" song on the album ('Downsizing') delivers it's social message through emotive lyrics rather than satirical ones. In all, a triumph. Perhaps my new favorite in their compendium :).

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