Thornhill Review


Reviewed by: Angie Armstrong

From Wed Aug 11 21:56:08 1999
Subject: Thornhill reflections, et al.
From: SnarkiFru 
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 01:56:08 GMT

Hey Früfolk...

(mental note, Swiss Burger at Marks at 3am is a BAD thing)
so, I'm not quite as sleep deprived as Maggie, but I'm working on it.  2 hrs
of sleep before getting up to drive out about 20 min away to teach a never
before taught class... not recommended but hey, what are ya gonna do?

The show was amazing, not enough energy to reminisce just yet, but review IS
forthcoming (it helps to let it all sink in)

Well, Ok, so like... I got a (no lie) Pork Tenderloin marinading and is about
ready to be tamed... lest I pass out on my keyboard but I wanted to spew my
quick [1] Thornhill impressions, while I've got my pinky wrapped around the
rear-right wheel of the Band Wagon...

Half As Much.  Ok, this is mostly my fault for frequenting a goodly number of
shows close together at the dawning of a new album, and being tuned into WBER
so much... I'm kinda getting tired of it.  I really do like it... I just think
I'm a little in HAM (*smirk*) overload.  I'm glad to finally be able to make
out what Mike is saying through parts of it ;^} *duck*

Sad Girl.  I didn't really care for this song when I first heard it.  Or the
second or third times.  Then, something clicked and it fell into place.  What
was it?  I couldn't tell you.  I guess I finally heard it in the right frame
of mind or something.

Too Careful.  I already love this song... how many times shall I rant and rave
about totally diggin' the clean recording sound?  (Gimme a chance, I'll find
out for ya)

I Will Hold On.  As I mentioned to one of the band members last night, IWHO
sent shivers down my spine the first time I heard it.  I was listening while
gtting ready for Tues, and stopped dead in my tracks within the first line. 
The vocal and instrumental balance (esp. the harmony with the "You know that
it's true" lines... *shiver*) was absolute perfection to me.  i love hearing
the song live... but there's always just a little too much guitar or too much
percussion or something.  I've fallen in love with this song all over again.

Earthquakes.  I thought I'd heard this one but as a matter of fact I hadn't. 
I like... I like muchly (well, being a Mathesonite notwithstanding).  

When She Talks.   I have always been pro-WST, although I have to say honestly
that for a good portion of its early play it had a slightly annoying whiney
quality (please, no offense meant to you Jian... i think it was a matter of
delivery or finding the sweet spot in the vocal range.) It has a much fuller
quality now, both live and especially in the recording.  (Hoo boy, I have a
feeling I'm gonna get it for that one...)

Splatter Splatter.  Could this song be any more fun???  Very Video
Bargainville-esque (-esque being the pop comment of the year, I guess), and
again its nice to be able to make out all the lines I was missing when hearing
it live.

Independence Day.  Love it.  'nuff said.  

Downsizing.  Initial thought was that The way Jian sings it, he sounds so
young and frail and it seems to contradict with the storyline.  However, a few
more times through (and letting myself fall into the story), the voice
inspires the image of a battered and weary soul, barely having the strength to
stand tall... but stands nonetheless... pushing against an immovable wall,
accepting that he has to push.  The body is too weary to fight but the heart
just can't give up.  Then again, maybe its just me and I don't know what the
hell I'm talking about.

Hate Letter.  What can I say but WOW... I wish I had a better sound system so
that I could better hear the background business (no matter how I tweak the
equilizers i get enough percussion that nearly pops my eardrums when I'm close
to the speaker).  Thanks to the lyrics on FDC I have an idea of what to listen
for... I just haven't heard it all yet.  But, besides the awesome groovin'
beat, the song is extremely clever (IMHO).

If Only You Knew.  Ok, this is me prattling on and on... but I think if any
song pulls you into the sentiments of the members of the band, this one does. 
It makes me truly appreciate the grueling hours spent on the road, travelling
so far from loved ones and the comforts of home and the sense of stability. 
Constantly moving, maybe a quick email or phone call or letter from the road,
the homecomings bittersweet because deep inside the thought that before they
know it they'll just have to pack it up and hit the road tugs at the back of
their minds.
Just to sound arrogant, I'd like to think that this is another reason why they
really appreciate seeing fans who engage in Frutripping all over... they can
look out in the crowd and see familiar faces and find a bit of comfort in
that.  Yeah, ok... I'm talkin' out of my a$$.  Moving along...

My Poor Generation.  My favorite track on this album, hands down.  I can't say
I cared overly much for the percussion the first few times, but it's growing
on me.  The harmonies are heartbreakingly beautiful and full, and Dave's voice
on the solo lines are his typical clear, resonant, and at certain points
brimming with such complex emotions.

Well, reading through this, you can tell I'm not fully awake... not quite to
that moment between waking and sleeping (I'm still upright and typing and more
or less seeing the screen).  However, I've spent so much time writing this
that I'll be damned if I'll cancel it now!! *smirk*

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