Thornhill Review


Reviewed by: Brent Miller

From Thu Aug 12 22:13:59 1999
Subject: Thornhill - initial thoughts
From: Brent & Marianne Miller 
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 02:13:59 GMT

After listening to Thornhill twice (under less than ideal
circumstances) my first impression can be summed up as one
of surprise. Even though I've heard just about every song
live (on numerous occasions) the total musical package was
different from what I expected.

Thornhill is not my favorite Fruvous CD. At least not today;
tomorrow of course, is another story. I've found that great
art, like great music is not always readily apparent. Surely
many of you have already picked up on what you consider the
greatness of Thornhill. 

However, my initial impression of Thornhill is that of a
band trying to shed the reputation of being "sort of like
that other Canadian band, Barenaked Ladies" (that was meant
sarcastically). Outwardly, it appears that the selection of
producer Don Dixon is a move towards "popular" music;
whatever that may be. It seems as though Don Dixon has taken
the music of Fruvous and turned it into something he
perceives as being palatable to a wider audience. Gone is
our mascot the budgie and on the surface, that indefinable
sound that I traditionally considered Moxy Fruvous.

With that being said, I feel that I have to defend myself
before I am lumped into the category of "One of those fans
that left the band after Wood was released." First of all, I
think Wood is a GREAT record, and second, I'm not looking
for Bargainville Part II. I suppose I was expecting
Thornhill to be an extension of the live Fruvous show and a
natural progression of what the band has done in the past.
It seem that there is a missing link between this record and
their previous offerings. Perhaps if "C" had come out before
Thornhill it would have bridged the evolutionary gap of the
band who's music I love.

Do I recommend Thornhill?

Run out and buy a copy for yourself and a friend. Bug the
radio station to play the new single and bring as many
friends to a Fruvous show as humanly possible. This record
proves that Fruvous is willing to take a chance and move
forward—trusting their fans to be enlightened enough to
accept change and join them on their musical journey.

All aboard the FruVan for uncharted lands,

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