Thornhill Review


Reviewed by: Chapters.Ca

Original Release: 1999
Number of Discs: 1
Stereo, Studio

Moxy Früvous is one of the smarter bands to emerge from Canada in the
last several years. Like the Barenaked Ladies, their lyrical sensibility
is collegiate rather than frat-boyish: it's bookish, socially conscious
and witty. Musically the band has broadened its aural sphere with 1999's
Thornhill, a titular tip of their hats to their hometown, a suburb of
Toronto. The songs roam freely from warm harmonies on "I Will Hold On"
to the reverb-soaked surf tune "Splatter Splatter." Like fellow Toronto
suburbanite rockers the Rheostatics, this band's Frühead following will
certainly grow with this record. 

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