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Reviewed by: Krista

From Thu Aug 26 17:20:40 1999
Subject: Thornhill review #608 :-)
From: Krista 
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 21:20:40 GMT

I'm sorry, can you guys handle yet another fans ramblings :-)?  I guess
so, because you're reading this, aren't you?  OK, I'll try to keep this
as short as possible...

                 Krista's Thornhill Review
           (Subtitled: Dave Matheson is amazing)

Dave Matheson is amazing.  Oh, sorry, did I say that already? :-)
Sorry, I'll move on...

Actually, I think that the entire album is incredible. As a whole,
Thornhill sounds more confident and less awkward than any of their other
albums to date.[1]  I don't feel the sentiment that some have been 
about how the the band has lost it's "Moxy Fruvous sound".  I think Don
Dixon did a great job of maximizing the bands commodities - the
harmonies and instumentals really shine on this album.  

  My critisicm of some of the band's previous songs is that they try to
be too "clever" with their lyrics.  I think most of the lyrics on this
album are far more solid - in other words, lyrics that won't seem
"embarrassing" to the band (and the listener) 6 months from now.[2]

As for a song-by-song dissection?  I think that many other people have
already done a great job of that, so there's not any need for me to
elaborate terribly.  HOWEVER....(a few points)

****I agree with the person who said that MPG has the potential to
become a classic.  In fact, I love all of the "Dave" songs on this CD. 
His vocal talent, as well as his ability on a wealth of instruments
never ceases to impress me.   Did I mention that I think Dave Matheson
is amazing? :-)[3]

****I think anyone who thinks that Moxy Fruvous has lost their sense of
humour should listen to Hate Letter, Earthquakes, and Splatter Splatter,
and reconsider :-).

****Sad Today is the best commentary on  teenage culture that I have
heard thus far (and I'm speaking as a 17-year-old girl, so I figure I
*should* know (-:>).  Simply a beautiful song.  Well done Jian!!

That's it folks!  Thanks for sticking through to the end of the review!


[1]Just my opinion, of course.  People *are* allowed to disagree :-).

[2]Does anyone understand what I'm talking about?  There are some songs 
which it almost pains me to listen to, because the lyrics sound so
awkward.  Case in point: that wretched song by the All Saints that
contains this lyrical gem: "I've never never never never felt so sad. 
Never never boy you got me feeling really bad!"  <<>>.  Of
course, no Fruvous lyrics anywhere *near* that bad, but you see my

[3]Ohh boy, I hope I don't get in trouble for this one.  All I mean to
say is that he is an exceptionally talented guy.  I in *no* way intended
that statement to have any romantic/obsessive/scary implications.  I'm a
girl who has recently become single, and is really *REALLY* enjoying

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