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Reviewed by: Lois

From Sun Aug 15 11:12:15 1999
Subject: Re: Weighing In on Thornhill
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 15:12:15 GMT

OOPS--disregard the empty message I just sent (unless I figure out how to 
delete it)

I'll add my short (hopefully) comments on my response to Thornhill.

I also really liked it a lot the first time through (a few days ago) and it 
continues to grow on me each time I hear it -- I've listened to it 5 or 6 
times (less than some of you, I know) and each time more of it hits me "where 
I live."

I'm not into the more finite dissection of different songs--I really listen 
for lyrics and the overall musicality of the songs (not "kickass bass line 
here" and "loved the ahhs there," etc.).  I just found that several of the 
songs held some personal meaning for me.  (My favorites are still Gulf war 
Song and Fly.)  In no particular order, these are my impressions from the 

Downsizing--Having recently gone through this phenomenon myself (actually a 
little over a year ago) I found this a very meaningful song lyrics-wise.  As 
for the length of the song, all I can say is that downsizing is a long and 
arduous process and the length of the sonf for me was symbolic for that.  
It's an agonizing experience, knowing that it is going to happen and just 
waaiittiinngg for that shoe to drop.  The vocals on the song reflected the 
feeling that one experiences during this process.  I really can identify.

You Can't Be Too Careful:  Having said the above, the next thing to do is go 
on and get  past it.  Therefore the lyrics "you can't be too careful; don't 
agonize over it...go for it" are also part of my current mantra.  I want to 
make a life change and go back to school to get an MA in Social work then an 
LISW--something I've felt pulled to for a long time.  So I just need to buck 
up, stop agonizing (I'm used to being poor now!), and go for it.

Earthquakes--Don't sweat the small stuff--After listening a couple of times 
(first time through I wasn't sold on it) this is the message I get from it.  
I'm not sure if that's where the band is going but the song takes me there.

I Will Hold On--I've loved this song from the first time I heard it on West 
Coast Live.  It can mean a lot to people in different situations.  It's a 
romantic song, yes, but I have a friend recently diagnosed with cancer for 
whom the line "I'll hold off death so I can live with you" is very 
meaningful.  (This song among others has been copied and sent to him and his 
wife as a "cheer-up audio card.)  

Sad Girl--LOVE the piano on this one!  Also like the lyric "Depression is 
romantic when it's a fad girl"--too accurate an account of how some people 
lightly look at mental illness in today's world.  It's "cool" to be on Prozac 
or something like that)

When She Talks--I love this song.  Having been married to someone who DIDN'T 
listen, I like the idea that there is someone out there who DOES.   'Nuf said.

Splatter Splatter--Great commentary on some of the hoodoo going on right now 
re carding for movies etc.  In this song Dad is sitting everyone down to 
watch the movie in the first verse.  Subsequent verses do the same thing with 
other issues.  I think this is a much "rock-ier" song than some of the others 
but if you listen, the point comes across loudly and clearly.

If Only you Knew--This is a lovely song--and should remind us of what it must 
be like to be on the road so much--not only for the band members (whom we 
would love to see on the road more--but also for people in other professions 
who are gone so much.  I love the sentiment of this song.

Enough of song-by-song.  By now you know that I tend toward sappy--but I make 
no apologies.  I listen to music for different reasons, and sometimes I like 
music that really touches my sappier side.  Other times I like to listen to 
classical, jazz (especially piano and sax--Does anyone else like Marion 
McPartland's piano jazz program on NPR?), light vocals etc.  (Last night I 
went to sleep listening to Andrea Boccelli--what a voice!!)

Although I can't dissect the music as some of you can, the things I really 
like about MF are their musicality, both vocally and instrumentally.  Each 
individual has a beautiful voice, but they blend so beautifully as well.  
Their harmonies can be so tight and are always "just right."  And each of 
them appears to be versatile on instruments as well.  IMHO, everything blends 
perfectly and that includes their ability as a band to do whatever it takes 
to make a song come out right.  I'm sure this came across to me more after 
seeing them in  person.  They just work well together collaboratively, 
unselfishly.  That may or may not be something unique to this band but it 
impresses the heck out of me.

There isn't a song on this album I don't like.  Could say more but I'll stop 
for now.  Thanks to the band for a superb album!!

*Lois (Fogeyfru)

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