Thornhill Review


Reviewed by: Rob

Date sent:      	Sun, 22 Aug 1999 00:46:55 EDT
Subject:        	concise Thornhill review

    Gee; I'm surprised at the number of people in love with Thornhill. 
    I've been fans of the guys since '92, and have always felt they could come out
with a great album.  Now, it seems they don't care so much about the
harmonies, the fun songs, and the instumentation.  Why is it that all the
osngs sound practically identical?!
    Let me say that every time I've heard "I Will Hold On," I have gagged.
There are plenty of other times for girls to get googly-eyed over Jian;
why do they need a song  where that seems its main purpose?
    My one positive note about Thornhill: "You Can't be too Careful" is a
great tune.  There's a real variety of thoughts and sounds combined here
that make it mesh.  
    I know many others have been comparing this album to Wood.  I can see why 
there are some similarities; Thornhill is a bit earthy.  Still the
heartfelt lyrics of Wood are more bored, angry, and just plain fed up on
    Maybe time's all I need to warm up to this album...  Let's hope so.

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