Thornhill Review


Reviewed by: Scott Perschke

From Wed Aug 11 17:20:40 1999
Subject: Weighing In on Thornhill
From: (Scott Perschke)
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 21:20:40 GMT

First off, I'll admit that my favorite Fruvous is the "fun" Fruvous -
I'm a sucker for goofy shit... always have been.

So, you'll understand when I say that much of Thornhill is too "heavy"
for me. Some of these songs (notably "When She Talks", "Sad Girl", and
"Downsizing") seem about to sink under their own weight. Hmm... in
looking at that, I see they're all "Jian" songs. I think Jian needs to
lighten up a little . 

Even the rockers (Half As Much, Splatter Splatter, Too Careful) are
midtempo songs - nothing that takes off the way the YWGTTM version of
"Your New Boyfriend" or "Get in the Car".

However, there is still much I can like about it...

Earthquakes is great fun.. I got a huge smile the first time I heard
it - it sounds loose and spontaneous, so different from the songs

I never figured on liking a song titled "Hate Letter", but there's a
lot of stuff going on in the background here. Repeated listenings are
a must!

"If Only You Knew" is nearly perfect. Nearly, because (unlike Chad) I
don't care for the "fiddle in G" lyric - it's always sounded a bit
forced to me, unlike the entire remainder of the song, which is
heartfelt and flows beautifully. I remember standing in Northampton
for the "BJ and Rachel" show, shaking my head at the beauty of this
song. Bulls Eye!

"Splatter Splatter" is definitely growing on me.

"You Can't Be Too Careful" - a real enigma for me... I love the 
music and arrangement and some of the lyric, but the rest of the
are downright embarrasing.

I'm indifferent, so far, to "Independence Day".

Overall grade: C+/B-

I guess I'll have to wait for the "c" album for my Fun Fruvous Fix..


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