Moxy Fruvous Crossword Puzzle No. 1 - Across


1) Our most northwestern gig (with 12 Across).
6) "That guy!" (actually one of those guys) (init.).
9) e-male female.
12) Our most northwestern gig (with 1 Across).
13) A special show for you.
17) School near a superb New Year's club.
19) Kingly salutation.
20) The Feds are jack-booted thugs, according to this lot.
22) On our latest release, word heard following 2nd 'mirage'.
23) Monogram for a budgie-dog.
25) Nova Scotia home-town of Peter Arseneau (sound man
and court jester '95).
27) Erstwhile ecstasy.
29) Elf transport.
30) Seen through Frübus window enroute to
April 8th, '97 gig. (with 61 Up, reversed)
32) This SHOULD be the diminutive for the Nields' home town.
33) Up north he counts the Lauriers, Down south it's the Lincolns.
36) B.J.'s Dusseldorf home.
37) Don chronicler.
38) Headlined Frü-gig 12/6/97 (init.).
39) Initials of he who once 'hammered 'em' in town of 171 Down club.
40) The Frülads could use some of this.
43) Ed, as bad freak (anagram for a frü-tune title, missing which letters?).
44) H. enjoys a pun. (same idiotic concept as above)
45) Mr. Rhinoceros' vessel-maker.
48) Heatseeker in reverse.
50) Anagram for what our music will one day be used as.
53) Half of our packaging sports not a single ______.
56) Only place for a decent meal on our U.K. visits.
57) Word preceding the word 'small' on "You will go to the moon".
58) Lead singer of 32 Across band (init.).
59) Grace Kelly's favourite pastime.
61) Is playing w/ dolls this?
62) Pictured, brother of bass-ace Tony?
63) Character from film in which theme-song is sung by artist to whom
Ron Sexsmith dedicated his eponymous album.
66) Brit equivalent of 67 Across unit.
67) Animal whose bas relief is often found in pocket of Frülad.
69) Compass direction from The Bayou to Fletcher's.
70) Boot-tip's irrefutable aspect.
71) Swimming pal.
73) What früvo lacks.
74) Designer of building Früvous visited on day off in Wilbert's town.
75) Caterwaulin' Canadian tunesmith.
78) Part of song on 'Moon' album that features a SCREAM.
79) Bailing evolved (same 'cleverness' as 43 and 44 Across).
80) 'Guest artist' pictured in Wood packaging (init.) (NOT M.K. or D.L.).
81) A favourite color.
82) Track # of song featuring aching eyelids (Roman).
83) Virtue's former incarnation.
85) 'Sahara' narrator's old friends.
87) Effervescence's location.
88) This Catherine saw a full Spectrum for Früvous.
91) Relation of 23 Across to Früvous-Corp.
92) TD & MF said theirs.
93) Mid-west tryst location.
94) Texture under wood lyrics.
95) Bought Bewdley beverage.

97) Major member of Frü-Team 92/93/94...and soon '97.
98) Part of our show featuring most Beatles, spring 97.
101) Narrator and his Ex of 78 Across song used to both be in this.
104) Woman at whose bed the singer can no longer kneel.
105) Letters on jersey of 28 Down team.
107) Venue of 'The Daves' only appearance (init.).
108) Creaky woman.
113) Food for 126 Down?
114) Uninspired yet popular nickname for town once called York.
115) Makes a heady soup.
117) Trace elements of Hi-De-Ho found here?
118) Frümonks' profession.
120) Third Genius.
121) Red-o-root Hen (same annoying concept as 43 Across).
122) The _____ , popular mosh-pit dance at our gigs?
124) ST. for a Martyr.
125) King's question (with 11 Down).
126) Last verb in second album's first organ song.
127) Rose Five (Yeehah....what's missing from THIS
anagramed Frü-tune title????)
128) When most Frü-gigs take place.
129) He often wipes out big towards show's end (init.).
130) Guitarist too busy destroying jack-o-lanterns to jam with Frülads.
132) Popular corn kernel collection.
135) Wing with elbows.
138) That which forgot the key-holder.
139) How colleague Sid of 135 Across handled the puck.
141) Razor's lace (Have you had quite enough of this
'letters-missing-from-frü-title anagram' bullshit?)
142) Disgruntled youth.
144) Character played by Elizabeth Montgomery had plate
filled by him (init.)
145) To consume backwards.
147) Celui qui sonne.
148) West Tribe (Voici une autre comme 43, 44, 73...... heh heh heh).
149) Wears a skirt, apparently.
150) Gets drummed on in Darlington Darling, live (init.).
151) Our first choice in locomotion.
154) Frü-friend, and former opener, seen at 107 Across.
155) First vocal note of threshold song (solfege).
157) We sing of its valley.
159) Track # of Mellotron song (Roman).
160) Building kitty-corner to one mentioned in 'King of Spain'.
163) The Inc. _____ Sh.
165) King's night-school studies? (init.)
167) 'Boo Time' exhorts you to act solely on the suggestions of this.
169) Gypsy Madame's colour.
172) No one hears when the Earth does this.
174) Some foot-rests are so big they become one of these!!
175) It has recently overflowed in the vicinity of
Top Cats, Cicero's, and The West End Cultural Centre.
177) First initials of 74 Across.
178) Cop-kissing junction at 34th.
179) Our most south-western gig (with 184 Across).
180) A fantastic Manhattan club (init.).
182) New England band that just can't say no!!
183) Retro name spoken.
184) Our most south-western gig (with 179 Across)

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