The Moxy Fruvous Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle #1 has been solved

(From Mike Ford)

The industrious victor is

KELLY SANTA LUCIA (Click here to see the answers)

Congratulations! Good work! Tres Bien!

A token of your crossword superiority will be forthcoming.

Excellent work as well Jacob Schwartz, Catherine Webber, Sharilyn Johnson and all others who fastened their minds to the daunting task!

Keep posted for future Fru-related Brain Teasers!

Here it is, the long awaited Moxy Früvous Crossword Puzzle!

(NOTE: All details present here are subject to change)

Mike Ford, member of Moxy Früvous, made this puzzle while on the road between shows. With the help of his colleagues, he has made an excellent crossword that's not for the timid!

Jian has mentioned that the first person to solve the puzzle will be eligible for a "really cool" prize.

The puzzle may be handed out at the merchandise table at future gigs, so keep an eye out for it!

This puzzle was made by hand (by Mike), and was then scanned in. I've done my best to clean it up, and I've replaced the hand written numbers with a font. If, for some reason, there's anything that you just can't make out, let me know and I'll try to fix it the best I can!

Doug "Sirilyan" Sheppard suggests that if you'd like to solve the puzzle with a graphics editor, use 22-point Tahoma Bold for a font. He also may convert the puzzle to a text version, for people with more limited computer access.

Corrections made thus far:

7/15/97: 38 Across was changed from 12/6/97 to 12/6/95.

7/24/97: There were two 182 Across'. The second one has been changed to 183 Across.

7/28/97: 38 Across was changed back to 12/6/97. (sorry 'bout that). Clue added for 51 down.

The Clues

Here they are!

The Puzzle

I've tried to put the puzzle in a couple different formats, so that everyone should be able to download it with no problem. If you are having difficulty downloading or printing the crossword, let me know, and we'll try to work something out.

NOTE: For the GIF image, I would recommend right-clicking on the link, and saving the image (by selecting 'Save Link As'). Then bring up the image in a graphics program (like LviewPro). Do this rather than viewing and printing in Netscape. Netscape's color pallete contains very few grays, and since this image is grayscale, it will not look very good when viewed from the browser.

However you decide to print it, most programs will automatically print the image to one piece of paper or allow you the choice to do so. I would recommend doing this since it will shrink the image down some (causing it to look somewhat better), and will save you the headache of taping a couple of sheets of paper together.

The picture is quite large, the dimensions being 1280 by 1190. If you have a slow computer, my best advice is be patient! :-)

If you're using Microsoft Paint, download the zip file. If you need a program that views and prints GIF files, LViewPro is quite good.

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