Moxy Fruvous Crossword Puzzle No. 1 - Down


1) Begger?
2) This gram would make our videos 3-D.
3) Lyricist of tune Mike essayed in Ann Arbor.
4) 18 Down's initials (reverse).
5) Turned styl into a palace of rhythm.
7) Crooner at Falconridge, '96 (init.).
8) It blows.
9) Heads up a condiment (init.).
10) Plastic's function vis-a-vis our CDs
(sorry - this word has nothing to do with Früvous).
11) Kingly question (2nd half of 125 Across).
14) Larry 'n' Moe (song title anagram missing which letters?).
15) Daydreamer.
16) Popular northern sentence ender (variant).
18) Adult version of 142 Across.
21) Residue.
23) Initials of Barry's cousin.
24) Beverage of the horseman.
25) Message to our fans (with 140 Down)
26) County of Dreamland.
28) The king's former Zamboni employers.
31) Spidey as beverage.
32) Has Früvous ever played Escanaba, Michigan?
34) Wacky initials.
35) Embrace mirrors.
37) Spur-slappin' singer who rhymes 'back hurts' with 'tractor' (init.).
41) Our most easterly gig.
42) Often sports a tassel near show's end (init.).
45) Mannequin's manner.
46) Sought by Cedric.
47) Don't forget this.
49) Turns this lamp to parody.
51) Wait ______ the cows come home.
52) Middle word from 1992 one-night tour's name.
54) Affiliation of schools in the towns of
Ogden Street, Valentine's, and Milestones (reverse acronym).
55) Fonction de Nemo, selon les reves fragiles.
59) Sluice-cranker.
60) 'Caribbean' crooner.
61) 2nd half of 30 Across (spelt backwards going up).
62) 4th note of B-ville's first accordion riff (solfege).
63) Hidden bloomers.
64) Place in 114 Across to see many Henry Moores.
65) Excellent crater transport.
68) Worth fighting over?
69) When did Früvous play in Quebec's Lac St. Jean region?
72) This whistle signals a schmorgasbord.
74) Mount Pinutubo's has been replaced by a crater.
76) Ill-curing tools.
77) Big bore in Moncton.
81) Would the favourite musician of 114 Down desire this in 117 Across?
83) Our most western gig (several times).
84) Gnarly dudes weren't drinking this.
85) Marquezian affirmation.
86) Club trouvé sur la rue du Parc.
87) Opinion on O.G.'s jail term.
88) Three-timer.
89) Note of 'call' in 2nd album's first violin song (solfege).

90) A Bargainville dog should have an exhibit here.
93) This Salmon gets a woodsy plug.
95) Premiere parole de la douxieme strophe
d'une chanson dans laquelle on parle de rêves.
96) Lazlo's disposition.
99) Unnecessary mind-cleaners.
100) Heroine of Video B-Ville guitar solo.
102) Seen at bottom right of 'moon' package photo on lime-green.
103) Instead of those "nuits blanches a écumer les rues sans issues",
he could resort to this constabulary method of search (backwards acronym).
104) Clem's state.
106) Coveted destination of searing identifier.
109) Eyes can do this!
110) Cunning Früdonym, 1995.
111) Morning beverage with Vodka for the 43 Across song heroes?
112) This has got to go.
114) Not the brother of 33 Across, goddammit!!!
115) Elles s'arpegent, parfois en delire.
116) Gun-toting guest.
119) Ride this to Jack Schwartz' Cigars.
120) Cranky, libertarian, Canadian novelist (first inits.).
121) Artistic Director of world's greatest folk festival.
122) Paper plane action.
123) 33 Across began touring with Früvous in MCMXC___.
126) Heard at the end of 'Stuck', if you crank it.
129) First initials of real-life author fictionalized in novel by 120 Down.
131) Seen by Reesus from preferred spot (init.).
133) Broken-hearted Raja verb.
134) Pruess built his own!
135) Given name of pretty old song-ster.
136) He offers advice to the love-lorn.
137) Three-ringed-initials.
140) Second half of 25 Down.
142) Preposition from a Frü-tune title.
143) Prov. threatened by machinations of 164 Down.
146) Quand une nuit blanche se termine (l'_______).
150) Fine Line State (posting letters).
151) Love's element.
152) A. Jarry caricature that inspired Fordy's doodles.
153) Former initials of 143 Down.
156) Major post-gig hotel friend to at least
three quarters of Früvous (oct-june) (init.).
158) One of the Gnarly Dudes did this? (popular init.)
161) Initials of Baltimore clock tower.
162) Diminutive of 95 Across.
163) Gave 'wood' some Twin Cities magic (init.).
164) Mike Harris' financial friend (init.).
166) Ticket to heaven?
168) Magazine which published sheet music for a Frü-tune (first half).
170) Band admired by 33 Across.
171) Dark Horse State (posting letters)
173) Cheesian adversary (last name).
174) Part of New Year's that has been served by a Knox clock.
175) Not Pinochet.
176) John Shotwell's State (posting letters).
179) How one might say 'if' at Bar D'Auteuil.
181) Predecessor of 9 Across (backwards monogram).

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