Live Show: 10/31/96


Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley

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(Turn your heads sideways now!! :-)

The Details

Halloween. I decided to take Thursday and Friday off for this much antipated set of shows. I left Rochester around 3pm, after stopping into work to see everyone's costumes. After getting a little bit lost in Hamilton, I managed (somehow) to make it to Mohawk College, where Moxy would be playing.

I was there way too early. I think I pulled into the college around 5:30pm. I walked around, saw the guys do their sound check (although through locked glass doors), and just relaxed in the lounge. I did talk to Jian after the sound check was done, however. He mentioned that the band was surprised that Rochester was selling so many tickets. He also said that the Buffalo show would probably be the best of the three since it was the last show, and the band could go nuts, not having to worry about their voices.

I finally was officially allowed into the venue around 8:30 or so, where I finally got to meet Sharilyn! I was greeted with a huge hug and also met Heather, who I'd seen at other shows, but never talked to before that night.

Sharilyn, Heather, and I hung out before the show, talked about Moxy among other things, got our cards stamped (this was my 6th stamp), and waited for the opening act. Tory Chassis (kuh-seece) and his band came up around 10pm. They were phenomenal!! I was completely blown away. It was unfortunate that they don't have a CD out yet, 'cause Sharilyn and I agreed that we would have bought it on the spot. The music was a mix of Rock and Jazz; very cool.

The College then had a costume contest while the stage was getting prepped for Moxy. Among some of the costumes I remember: A male, pregnant nun; A guy with a big c*ck; A 70's Saturday Night Fever look-alike; and a bunch of vampires, etc... The contest was pretty hilarious actually, and the guy with the large genitalia stole the show, in my opinion.

Mike Powers (from Champaign) joined us for the show, and the four of us got as close as humanly possible to the stage. There were only a couple of hundred people there (at the most), and I feel the crowd was very well behaved. :-)

Moxy finally got up on stage around 11pm. This would be my first full show since September 7th, so I was extremely excited to be seeing these final 3 shows of the tour.

After the show (which ended around 12:30am), I got my Frühead shirt, had it signed by the guys, and hung out talking to everyone, including Laurie, who I happened to notice standing next to me about halfway thru the show. I left Hamilton around 1:30 and headed home. Unfortunately, I received a speeding ticket in Buffalo on the way home; the only low point of the weekend. :-(

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The Music

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Misc. Info

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