Live Show: 11/01/96


Rochester, NY

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley

The Moxy Früvous Triple Crown
Part II

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The Details

Needless to say I was already exhausted from the first show. And I still had two to go!! Well, I woke up Friday, got some more film, paid some bills, and headed down to the venue around 3pm to meet Sharilyn and some more Früfans. Moxy had an interview at a Rochester radio station at 4pm, so we were planning on listening to that and then wait for the boys to show up.

I parked in front of the venue and finally saw Sharilyn wandering around the streets of Rochester. :-) She eventually saw me and joined me in my car (it was extremely cold out that afternoon). Holly and Erica (sp?) joined us as well after a little bit, and we drove to Kaufmann's (local department store) to go buy tickets for those who hadn't gotten them yet. We went back to the venue where Caiti also joined us to listen to the rest of the interview.

We managed to hang around inside Water St. Music Hall, see the sound check, and talk to Marcus, John, and the guys a little bit. Holly, Sharilyn, Caiti and I had a quick meal at a local greasy spoon (we were all extremely hungry) and got back as the second band, Ethel, was playing (unfortunately, we missed Tory Chassis, who was at this show solo).

Marty and his friend Cathy showed up as well, so it was a definitely a big coming together of internet Früfans. Laurie and a friend of hers also were there, but they got up close to the stage early on, so I really didn't see her much. The place was packed (I think the estimates were around 1,000 people), tons of teeny-boppers, which bothered me, but for this show Sharilyn and I chose not to go nuts and try to get right up to the stage. We just hung back and enjoyed the music, since we new that we had every opportunity to go crazy at the third show in Buffalo.

Moxy went on around 11pm (just like the previous night). The set was a little longer this time - they played till about 1am. After the show, all of us found each other again, since we all were split up into small groups before the set started. After hanging out for a couple hours, I headed home for some much needed rest while a big group went to John's (Moxy's sound man) in Buffalo to spend the night.

The Pictures

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The Music

Sound Check Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

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