Fruvous Quill #8

Früvous Quill #8 (February '96)


It's Here!


Quillsters, attend! Lean in close, and we will whisper in your ear strange and wondrous tales of distant lands, fantastical musicks, old things, witches, and.........and such. Lean in, thy friends! Closer.....closer...closer!! Hmmm...not that close. Excellent! Is anyone hungry? Exellent! Let's begin...

Enter & Flourish

It certainly cannot be said that 1996 crept up on Früvous unawares; in fact, we hit the New Year with such energy that it was caught slightly off-guard. After coming off the road in mid-December, the band cooled its heels for a few weeks, cranking it up long enough to rock all over Buffalo, N.Y., on New Year's Eve.

Then in January, for two rock'em sock'em weeks, we preproduced, recorded, mixed and mastered the B-album! That's right, the world's most fabled mythical beast since the Sneep is offically "in the can", and chunks of molten plastic are being pressed into its likeness even as your sweating hands hold this page. It is available now through us directly, although it will appear in Canadian record stores at some point in the future. Some of the songs on the B-album are really old, while other ones are so new that...well, suffice to say, they're really new. All in all, we are positively pumped about it, and about future recordings in the B-album series. It gives us a wonderful outlet to sing in funny voices, without which we tend to go a little squirrelly.

The Shipping News

On February 26th (or thereabouts) we make out triumphant return to the U.K. We haven't been there in about eighteen months, and the doctors say that our blood levels of deep-fried animal fat and mushy peas have dropped sufficiently to permit a two-week stay. Hooray! We were all so excited when we found out, we immediately put on our raincoats and stood in the shower for twenty minutes. England - new, green, pleasant.

After the U.K. trip (and complete blood transfusions all 'round), we'll be heading down the eastern seaboard starting in mid-March. The U.S. is so exciting for us right now, we think of it as one big Disneyland thousands of miles wide. It's been wonderful to be so warmly welcomed into the hearts and minds of Americans, although in the latter case you get the impression that there's no shortage of space. Not exactly an "overstuffed warehouse", if you know what we mean. Oh well, in any case...America, we french kiss you, sloppily.

This summer will see us hitting the folk festival circuit in Canada and the U.S., as well as a full U.S. tour in June and July to every place we're visited in the past. In and around all of this, we'll be busing penning and taping our third album, for which we will solicit thousands of title selections from you and then not use a single one. The working title is "Rumours", and by May we'll have completed a computer search to see if it's available.

Aside to Audience

We'd be remiss if we failed to mention some swell musical collaborations we've had recently, with several musical peers. We gigged with our witty and incisive hero/chum Bob Snider throughout Canada's sunny Maritimes. Fellow "Melodian" Ron Sexsmith was our honoured guest for a spate of stateside shows, charming one and all with his poignant compositions and smart Italian blazer. We also appeared on new discs by folk maven Penny Lang and madcap scenester Jaymz Bee, allowing us to both sing with an inspirational Canadian protest legend AND scamper around in formal wear like Matt Helm clones on the set of "Premarital Private Eye". Great times, and quality additions to any musical library.


Well, Quillsters, this is farewell, but not "good-bye", and certainly not "hello". It may be many months before we again converse through so intimate a medium as a form letter through the mail, so please come see us live, and in the meantime, consider wallowing in the Früvous brainwaves imprinted on the B-album. So, until next time, may constant tailwinds reduce your gasoling costs.

Later! The Frülads

Tuesday, February 27		London, UK		The Borderline
Thursday, February 29		Leicester, UK		Scrap Toft Bar
Saturday, March 2		Slough, UK		The Wheatsheaf
Sunday, March 3			Dudley, UK		Robin Hood
Monday, March 4			Manchester, UK		The Roadhouse
Tuesday, March 5		Leicester, UK		DeMontford University
Wednesday, March 6		Nottingham, UK		The Old Vic
Thursday, March 7		London, UK		The Mean Fiddler
Saturday, March 9		Cambridge, UK		Anglia Polytechnic
Friday, March 15		Austin, TX		SXSW--Tropical Isle--8:00pm
Saturday, March 16		Boston, MA		The Middle East
Sunday, March 17		Portland, ME		Granny Killam's	
March 19 & March 20		Long Island, NY		Nassau Community College Folk Festival
Thursday, March 21		New York, NY		Wetlands
Friday, March 22		Alfred, NY		Alfred University
Saturday, March 23		Fredonia, NY		S.U.N.Y. @ Fredonia
Thursday, March 28		Toledo, OH		The Main Event
Friday, March 29		Geneso, NY		S.U.N.Y. @ Geneseo
Friday, April 12		Toronto, ON		The Horseshoe
							*Früvous & Friends for Choice
July 27 & 28			Hillsdale, NY		Falconridge Folk Festival			
August 23 & 25			Ottawa, ON		Ottawa Folk Festival

For more information on these dates call JAM at 416-534-1929
or email 

June & July Tour now being booked in...

Washington, D.C.	Detroit, MI		Cleveland, OH
Atlanta, GA		Minneapolis, MN		Columbus, OH
Chicago, IL		St. Louis, MO		Cincinnati, OH
Champaign, IL		Utica, NY		Guelph, ONT
Boston, MA		New York, NY		Philadelphia, PA
Northampton, MA		Buffalo, NY		Providence, RI
Baltimore, MD		Rochester, NY		Regina, SASK
Portland, ME		Dayton, OH		Nashville, TN

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